Tournament Experiences and Guest Post Pages – Looking for contributors!


Wimbledon No.1 Court

Since the Australian Open, i’ve had time to give the tournament experiences page (along the top toolbar) a revamp. This covers the highlights from all my trips to the tennis over the years and I have now created a separate page for each tournament; if you are looking for some tips about attending or want to browse through some of my photos then it should hopefully be much easier now. There are now pages for the following tournaments:

I’ve also added a page where you can catch up on all the posts from readers visiting tournaments. It’s been one of my aims to have a network of contributors covering as many tournaments as possible during the year. So far, we’ve had posts from Jonni at the US Open, Morgane at the Fed Cup final, Tom at the Apia International, Sydney, Morgan at the Australian Open and Jake at the Delray Beach Open. We have potential guest posts lined up for Miami and Stuttgart, and i’ll be in Eastbourne and hopefully Wimbledon too (and may-be somewhere else if I can get myself organised!).

I’m really grateful to those who have taken the time to give an account of their tournament experiences so far and i’m on the lookout for anyone who might be willing to contribute from Indian Wells or any other future tournaments this year! Anything would be awesome… be it an account of one day, even just a match, some photos or perhaps a review of the general experience of attending that tournament and tips to help fans in the future.

For anyone interested, please get in touch by sending an e-mail to or get in contact via the Twitter/Facebook pages.

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