About MTB

Moo’s Tennis Blog is run by James Peeling, who is based in the UK. Moo’s Tennis Blog was born in 2010 and moved to mootennis.com at the end of 2013. James has always felt that women’s tennis has been undervalued and poorly represented within the media. The goal with Moo’s Tennis Blog has always been to share his passion for the sport with other fans and to promote women’s tennis.

At mootennis.com, follow along with all the stories from the WTA tour, as well as photos and reports from James’s trips around the world to watch live tennis. Most of the photos on Moo’s Tennis Blog are James’s, but he has been lucky enough to share the work of other photographers including Omar Boraby and Jimmie48 (resident photographer for Women’s Tennis Blog)

If you are going to a tournament and would like to write about your experiences for MTB, or just have a general enquiry, then please get in contact with James by either:

Regrettably, James will not be able to respond to all e-mail enquiries. Paid guest/sponsored posts are not accepted on Moo’s Tennis Blog.

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