Tennis Draw Challenge – Indian Wells Coming Soon!

tennis draw challenge 2

Thanks to all those who have joined the Moo’s Tennis Blog league for the Tennis Draw Challenge game. If you haven’t joined and would like to, then now’s a great time with Indian Wells set to get underway! It’s very simple and takes just a couple of minutes of your time. All you have to do is enter a full draw of predictions before the main draw of a tournament gets under way. There’s also a team game where you have to pick a selection of players for each tournament. It’s good to have some friendly competition and be able to give praise to those who have picked some blinders! I’ve been recapping the winners in each of my Match Points tournament posts, but here are the champions for each tournament so far…

Bracket Challenge


St. Petersburg: 1HandBH

Kaohsiung: lil_joey18

Dubai: GeneM18

Rio: 1HandBH

Doha: Harj31426

Acapulco: ajdurso

Kuala Lumpur: dublin101

Monterrey: Tjelay


Rotterdam: 1HandBH

Memphis: ajdurso

Buenos Aires: Rocket Roddick

Rio: Rocket Roddick

Delray Beach: Tom

Marseille: Tjelay

Acapulco: GeneM18

Dubai: Game, Set, Match Froud

Sao Paulo: IIguy27

Team games


St. Petersburg: Mootennis

Kaohsiung: lil_joey18

Dubai: 1HandBH

Rio: GeneM18

Doha: lil_joey18

Acapulco: marc-olivier long

Kuala Lumpur: Tom

Monterrey: Tjelay


Rotterdam: marc-olivier long

Memphis: Mootennis

Buenos Aires: Mootennis

Rio: Tom

Delray Beach: Tom

Marseille: Tjelay

Acapulco: marc-olivier long

Dubai: Tom

Sao Paulo: 1HandBH

To register with Tennis Draw Challenge, click HERE. To join the Moo’s Tennis Blog league, click on “Group” on the top toolbar and then “Moo’s Tennis Blog”. Draws can be completed on “Bracket” and Teams can be completed on “Team”.

If you haven’t heard, Maria Sharapova has a press conference set for Monday… speculation is mounting on social media about what the “major” announcement could be. I’ll be back to regular blogging duties for Indian Wells starting with a bumper main draw preview coming on Tuesday…

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