Set Points: Highlights from Day 10 at the 2016 Australian Open

I’ve been waiting for that shock to wake up to in the morning and it finally came… while Angelique Kerber was the higher seed, most were expecting Victoria Azarenka to build on her 6-0 head-to-head lead. Kerber produced a superb display to win in straight sets. It will be a battle of the K’s in the semi-final with Kerber taking on Johanna Konta. Here are my ten highlights from day 10 at the Australian Open. I’ll try and get a preview for Kerber v Konta (which i’m excited about!) out later today.

Set PointsKerber recovered a 2-5 deficit in the second set and saved five set points to eventually prevail over Azarenka, 6-3 7-5. Some of Kerber’s shot making down set point was magnificent.

I am chuffed for Kerber and her fans. These pictures are wonderful to see 🙂

Kerber’s on-court interview with Rennae Stubbs was great… I’ve never seen her so animated!

And let’s not forget that Kerber faced MATCH POINT in the first round match against Misaki Doi,

I liked Azarenka’s press conference where she took full ownership of the loss.

Moving onto the second quarter-final and Jo Konta beat Shuai Zhang, 6-4 6-1. The hug at the net was wonderful!

Konta’s on-court interview was also a memorable one with Sam Smith asking her about the unusual serve preparation.

A quick word though for Zhang who lit up this year’s Australian Open with her story. I really hope she can use this as a stepping stone for the future.

And here’s Zhang’s final press conference. It was nice to hear more about her friendship with Sam Stosur.

And finally, another of this year’s AO storyline makers, Daria Gavrilova, staged a Q&A with her fans on Facebook.

8 thoughts on “Set Points: Highlights from Day 10 at the 2016 Australian Open

  1. Vika is so cocky , she annoys me. She wants to be Serena badly. Can somebody find the old Vika? I’m glad Keber won, she took it to Vika. Best I ever seen Keber played and Vika could not maintain.


    • The final could be pretty interesting if this Kerber shows up! Winning those titles last year has obviously been a huge mental boost.
      Quite surprising because last year I wrote her off. I thought we’d seen the best of her. Pleased that im wrong.


      • I’m hoping she can replicate that kind of strategy and mental focus, now and then because it’s not her usual style of play. That’s why I hope she doesn’t lose in the semis like Radwanska did in 2013( I think). She also raised her game to beat Azarenka and went on to lose the next round. By being tactically aggressive she matched Azarenka’s style which completely threw her off. I’m conflicted, Konta or Kerber, but my bias is towards Kerber. Letdowns be da*ned, we need two savoury semi-final matches.


    • Vika said it’s a cultural thing, people misunderstand her stance or attitude for arrogance or cockiness but it’s not that. Maybe it’s a Belarussian thing. Personally, I think she has a little brash-ness to her by way of her natural character, and a need to appear that way to boost her confidence.
      But gosh, I don’t want to see the old Azarenka, she was an unfinished product, prone to injuries, fainting spells, temperamental, etc. It seems what we have now is a woman who with age and experience managed to keep her ‘demons’ at bay. But with the attendant success and power….. well you know the rest about what success can do to the mind..

      They can emulate Serena tennis play wise( a good thing), but tennis is a balance of talent, mental fortitude, personality, and so on). Keys hits harder ground strokes than Serena, Kr. Pliskova hit more aces in a match than Serena, Lisicki crunches those serves faster than Serena, Aga retrieves better than Serena, Cornet creates more drama, just to mention a few. But Serena is one of the greatest women’s player of all time because mentally she is steel with an ability to effectively apply all those traits as and when needed. That championship wining mentality, I think, cannot be copied, probably have to be developed at the very least, if it’s not partially innate as it seems with her. Just my opinion.


  2. Great display by Kerber yesterday. I did not see that one coming. Just a quick question: Since I haven’t seen the previous matches between the two (or at least I can’t remember right now), did Kerber really use a different strategy? The day before yesterday she said that her coach had some ideas.
    I mean she did play more aggressive tennis than she did against Beck but I wouldn’t call that much of a strategy. With her, it is always (at least against top twenty players): If she is aggressive, she has a chance of winning. If she’s not, she does not have chance.
    Did she play differently in terms of placement? In terms of serving?


    • To me Kerber looked very focused for most part of the match, Azarenka was over confident and Kerber played well so Azarenka was thrown off. Kerber waited and went for her shots at the right time.

      Azarenka is trying too hard, all that yelling and screaming after beating unseeded players was bad. I agree with the opinion going around that she is trying to be Serena.


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