The Krane Training Method™ – Strengthening your core muscles

It’s Ryan here…

Over the past 20 years I have performed thousands of workouts all around the world in amazing places like Bora Bora, Italy and just recently in Maui… Exercise is just a part of who I am and without it I would be lost! It keeps me focused, sane, and healthy!! I absolutely love exercises that involve no equipment and one of my favorite exercises is the “plank”. Planks strengthen the entire upper and lower body and have done wonders for me.

If you have a recent success story with your planks please share them with me as I would love to hear from you! Some recent comments included: how long they held the plank for and the most exotic place that they performed a plank. The stories were awesome 🙂

OK back to business!!

Today I want to share with you a subtle tweak to your plank that will make it more of a challenge. If you are up for it then give it a try!

I am confident that if you perform this exercise just a few times per week you will strengthen your entire body! Go ahead and give it a try and please report your progress back to me!

Happy planking 🙂

You can find out more about the Krane Training Method™ and the services they offer HERE

4 thoughts on “The Krane Training Method™ – Strengthening your core muscles

  1. Thanks for posting.I actually just did one set of 10 reps,it is a great exercise and I will certainly be added it to my current weight and strengthening program.


  2. Hey Ryan great video. With “The Krane Training Method” do you add in any other core exercise like the “Superman” or even “The Bridge”. I’m just curious if you need several exercises to strengthen your core, or is one enough. Either way thanks for the video.


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