Serena Williams wins Wimbledon 2015

SerenaSerena Williams won her 21st Grand Slam title and claimed the Serena Slam for the second time in her career, beating Garbine Muguruza, 6-4 6-4 in the 2015 Wimbledon final. It was a topsy-turvy final which had some wonderful moments. It had started in nervous fashion for Serena who threw in three double faults in her first service game. It was a perfect start for Muguruza who needed to start well and DID start well! She consolidated the early break to go up 2-0. The Spaniard was up 2-0 30-0* before Williams started to find her rhythm.

Muguruza maintained her lead to 4-2, saving two break points with a superb hold from *3-2 *15-40 down where she really stepped up her aggression and carried on from her previous matches at Wimbledon, saving her best tennis for the big points. Williams was starting to fly through her service games though and look more settled. The world number one won four straight games, getting her serve going and ramping up the intensity of her groundstrokes.

Williams looked unstoppable in the second set as Muguruza began to make some errors, particularly on the forehand side. However, similar to the French Open final where Serena lost the second set from *4-1 up, there was a wobble. Williams twice failed to serve out the match as Muguruza really stepped up her game and went all in for one last time. The game with Williams serving at *5-3 was the best of the match. The American player swiped away three break points at *0-40 with some tremendous serving. It looked like the end was two points away, but Muguruza was not perturbed and really WON that game. It was a shame that she was unable to consolidate in the next game, but it was always going to be a tough ask. The match ended in bizarre fashion withe the crowd seemingly unaware that Serena had won the match.

It was a really entertaining final and Garbine gave a great account of herself. Serena is just too good… that serve! It wobbled at times but the serve was ALWAYS on hand to get her out of trouble when she most needed it. Serena currently holds all four Slams and has therefore secured her second Serena Slam. The world number one has had a breathtaking year and is currently at 39-1. Serena goes for the Calendar Slam at the US Open, which promises to be a fascinating narrative.

I loved the trophy ceremony where both were in good spirits. There were tears from Garbine which was kind of good to see because it showed that she wanted it and believed she could win. I have no doubt that she will be back winning Slams in the future. It will be interesting to see how she responds, particularly when you look at some of the recent Wimbledon finalists and how they have struggled. I really do believe in Garbine though. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Spaniard stalled for a time but I think she’s got it and she will be back in a Grand Slam final sooner rather than later.

Muguruza got a rousing applause from the crowd (and Serena!) and she was so cute in her interview. I have such a soft spot for her… she’s enchanting! I loved the respect between the two players and I come away from that final feeling happy 🙂

8 thoughts on “Serena Williams wins Wimbledon 2015

  1. Congrats to both of them. Well Garbine did gave her idol a good match. I hope Garbine wins more WTA titles and be more consistent. She needs to focus more on singles than doubles. I hope Serena get 22th slams at US Open.


  2. Pfff it’s time for Serena to retire and enjoy her money. With respect, it’s like Schumacher in formula 1 back in the day. It’s getting boring. Women’s tennis would be more fascinating and more unpredictable with Serena gone. But that’s just my opinion.


    • Your opinion is the minority though, so…

      I missed the match (going to miss tomorrow too) but I’m ecstatic for Serena! Just one more and she’ll be the undisputed GOAT.


    • Also I read that they are expecting ticket sales for the US Open to break records because spectators want to see if Serena can win all four in one year. It may be the last time we ever see it done and everybody wants to witness it.


      • I hope the draw Gods are kind to her. I hope Maria get a tough draw. Azaranka hasn’t play a lot of top 20 players. Only Serena and Maria . I want to see her play Halep, Petra, Bouchard and Garbine.


      • I think Serena flourishes with a tougher draw.

        Do you think she’ll still play at Bastad? I haven’t read any news she might withdraw?…


    • If you’re not a Serena fan don’t comment on articles about her. When Serena was injured why Pova didn’t step up and get those slams . She wins 1 slam every 2 years.


  3. I really enjoyed the final,it had everything,great shots,rallies and drama.Congratulations to Serena (2nd Serena Slam) 6th Wimbledon title,21st Grand Slam title.Congratulations to Garbine,seeing it was her first Grand Slam appearance she took her game to Serena,showed no nerves,kept to her game plan,I loved her fight back in the 2nd set,when it appeared Serena would steam roll her.Well done Garbine,you adapted your game to the grass at Wimbledon.


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