Wimbledon Day 13, Men’s Final Preview: Novak Djokovic v Roger Federer


And here we go again… Roger v Novak! Although I was cheering for Andy in the semi-finals, i’m much more excited about the prospect of this final than Novak v Andy which I have written before that I have issues with haha. Both players won their semi-final matches in straights; Federer produced an exceptional performance to defeat Murray, 7-5 7-5 6-4. I normally lose interest during best of five men’s matches (I can’t keep still!) but I was hooked on this one for its entirety. Although it was done and dusted in three sets, it was one of the highest quality men’s matches i’ve watched in a while, particularly those first two sets. Federer played a near faultless match with much of his dominance centering around his serve… 76% first serves in, 84% of first serve points won and 20 aces. Murray had one lone break point which came in that first set.

Murray didn’t play a bad match at all. Federer gave almost nothing away on serve and this just kept building the pressure on Murray’s serve. The highlight of the match was the 14 minute, seven deuce game with Murray serving at *4-5 in the second set. The Brit saved five set points and somehow managed to hold serve. However, as impressive as that game was, Federer responded with a love service game… deal with that one, Andy! Federer finished with 56 winners to 11 unforced errors and his ultra-aggressive gameplan won through. In the other semi-final, Djokovic overcame a sore shoulder to defeat Richard Gasquet, 7-6(2) 6-4 6-4.

So who’s winning this final? I’ve been really decisive in my head for the last couple of women’s previews but this one is a mess. I’m pretty confident that the majority will be backing Federer after *that* performance. It’s hard to ignore that Federer is in tip top form and also, he has advanced to the final without expending too much energy. Djokovic has not looked at his best and will once again have to play in front of a crowd cheering for his opponent… he’s used to that though! However, I remember a similar situation last year where Federer saw off Milos Raonic in the semi-finals with consumate ease, while Djokovic scrapped his way past Grigor Dimitrov in four sets. I was convinced Fed had it in the bag…

In my opinion, it’s either Federer in 4 or Djokovic in 5. I think the longer this goes, the more it will play into Djokovic’s favour. If Federer produces a performance like he did against Murray then I like his chances. It will take something special to repeat that feat though. The weather forecast is a bit dodgy for Sunday so the roof could come into play which would most likely go in Federer’s favour. In support of Djokovic, he is likely carve out more opportunities on Federer’s return compared to Murray. Also, Djokovic has been serving extremely well himself; he’s dropped his serve just twice in the last four matches and has been at over 70% first serves for his last two matches. And furthermore Djokovic is just an awesome competitor… he suffered one of the toughest losses of his career in the French Open final, but has rebounded to reach the Wimbledon final in his very next tournament.

Here comes a prediction but please note i’ve changed it a few times before publishing this post! I’m reasonably neutral for this final in terms of who I want to win (60-40 in favour of Novak) so i’m going to sit back and enjoy the last singles match of Wimbledon 2015 (sobbing into my pillow).

It should be a cracker…

Prediction: Federer d. Djokovic in 4 sets

22 thoughts on “Wimbledon Day 13, Men’s Final Preview: Novak Djokovic v Roger Federer

  1. I wasn’t able to watch the second semi final yesterday but based on what I’ve read and what I’ve seen from Djokovic in the first semi final I’d say Fed is going to win that. In terms of who I want to win it, I do not really care – just a little prayer for an awesome final 🙂 I’d be happy for Novak because the FO final was a tough loss. I’d also be happy for Fed because he is 34 (?) and still an absolute GOAT. Btw I’ve came across some media reporting that Fed himself said he would love to retire with a big title, preferably Wimbledon. Do you think he is going to retire if he wins tomorrow?


    • I don’t think he will retire as would imagine he wants to give Olympics singles one last go… but I did go through it in my head sometime last week, what if Fed were to retire after winning Wimbledon?!


      • Yeah exactly, that’s why I wasn’t sure about those reports. The only thing that is missing in his collection (if one could even say that something is*missing*) is the GOLD medal in singles.but as he already has a RU in singles and a gold medal in doubles I think there definitely is the possibility he could retire.


  2. It really does feel like this is Federer’s… but then the RG felt like Djokovic’s and the US Open never seemed like Cilic would be champ. I think Djokovic is capable of putting pressure on Fed like nobody else besides Nadal can.


  3. According to the weather forecast, London is going to rain on Sunday. So, the roof will close and balls bound lower as expected. It will favor Fed.


    • My wager and wishes are with Roger…..not with the vintage one but with the fierce power bank who is gonna take the revenge of last year’s finale debacle…FedEx takes this in 4-1. Even bookmakers are confused ….last year opened at 1.48 for Joker and 2.8 for fed….look at this year…Joker is not at his best after French open loss…it is still haunting him…his impeccability is gone….

      PS1: if it goes to decider set Nole will be fav(but who cares, you can get your money’s worth in the first or third set only)

      PS2:am sorry for any typo since am a bit high on Old monk…..


  4. If Roger plays like yesterday, it will be a three setter. Probably his level will drop a bit and Nole almost ever plays his best in the most inportant matches.

    I agree with you, Roger in 4. If the match goes over distance I also see the advantage on the side of Novak.


  5. I will stick to what I say since before Wimby started: This Wimbledon is Roger’s! I feel it!
    He’s in great shape, he has showed that he is producing his best tennis in this tournament, and it’s been 3 years since his last GS, so I am pretty sure he has the determination to win it!
    Either way, I expect a tough battle because it’s two grand champions but I think and I hope that Roger is the winner this year!!!


  6. James- you want Novak to beat Roger? I disappointed in you! Anyone even remotely neutral should want Roger to win this in my opinion. The GOAT playing some of his best ever tennis, and some of THE best ever tennis, at nearly 34. We may never see him play like this again. We may never see anyone in our lifetimes play like this again. He deserves at least one more slam, and he’s been waiting a while (and been written off by many during that wait).


    • But Djokovic deserves to be in that category of the very best of all time and his Slam count seriously let’s him down.


      • Personality wide – No. Everyone knows he tries very hard to be diplomatic. However, big brand names are not interested (Uniqlo is like K-Mart in US).


  7. James, I am really surprised you picked Feddy!! I thought you were going for Nole, gotta agree that the ‘performance’ against Andy is a good sign of what could be today’s outcome! Come on FedEx! Number 18!!


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