Pulse Play reaches its funding goal


Pulse Play Apple iWatch 1You may remember that just over a month ago, I wrote about a new innovation developed by former doubles player Andy Ram called Pulse Play, a wearable wristband and application designed to serve amateur racket sport players a professional experience.

I’m pleased to say that Pulse Play achieved their $75,000 funding goal on Indiegogo. The campaign, which aimed to take the Pulse Play concept from operational prototype to market ready product, ran for 60 days and leveraged a number of exciting perks. The campaign sold several top-tier prizes as contributors raced to secure their own Pulse Play units for the fall launch. One contributor will be accompanying Pulse Play CEO and three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Ram back-stage to this year’s U.S. Open.

The startup developed Pulse Play to settle an age-old problem among recreational racket sports players: accurate and reliable scorekeeping. The device, along with its companion application, performs four main functions:

  • Live scorekeeping and score announcements that don’t interrupt gameplay
  • Match history and statistics
  • Player ranking among friends, clubs, leagues, cities, and even the world
  • As a worldwide social network, connects players with new opponents in their area who play at the same level

“We couldn’t be more excited about meeting our crowdfunding goal,” says Andy Ram, CEO, Pulse Play. “It’s been an incredible experience reaching out to thousands of players, coaches, leagues, clubs, and journalists and hearing how excited they are about Pulse Play. Thanks to them, Pulse Play is happening and it’s going to fundamentally change racket sports for amateur and recreational players.”

Andy Ram partnered with venture building team, sFBI (Small Factory Big Ideas), to finalize the Pulse Play concept. As a veteran of the sport, Ram brought his expertise from the courts to the tech world; and as a venture builder, sFBI was able to capitalize on Ram’s knowledge to create a beautifully designed, practical product that can potentially change the face of racket sports the world over.

See the Indiegogo campaign HERE. For more information about Pulse Play and sFBI click on the links. Photo provided by Pulse Play.

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