Introducing Pulse Play developed by Andy Ram

Pulse PlayPulse Play, a new innovation developed by former doubles player Andy Ram, is a wearable wristband and application designed to serve amateur racket sport players a professional experience.  This idea really stood out to me because i’ve just started playing tennis again and whenever I play doubles, we always seem to lose track of the score. Pulse Play, the first complete social ranking and scorekeeping wearable of its kind, just launched its Indiegogo campaign, which aims to take the concept from operational prototype to a market ready product.

The product has been developed by former doubles player, Andy Ram. The 35-year-old has three Grand Slam titles to his name, having won the mens doubles title at the Australian Open in 2008 with Jonathan Erlich and two mixed doubles titles at Wimbledon (2006 with Vera Zvonareva) and the French Open (2007 with Nathalie Dechy).  Ram started thinking about what he wanted to do after tennis when he had hip surgery in 2012.  Ram commented, “I knew I wanted to do different things in tennis – corporate retreats, working in TV, commentating games –  but I was also thinking about technology”.  When this idea emerged, he knew he wanted to pursue it.

Although Ram hasn’t played much tennis since his final professional match in Davis Cup action last September for Israel, there are still moments of the game that he misses.  Ram said, “Since then, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve played. I don’t miss playing that much. At the same time, when I’m commentating tennis games and I’m talking about tennis, when I’m seeing tournaments where I used to play, and when I see the Davis Cup on TV, I miss those moments of lifting a trophy, competing with my partner, and working with the greatest players in the sport. I do miss those moments.”

Ram is now the CEO of Pulse Play and is looking to gain more coverage for his new innovation.  Partnered with Small Factory, Big Ideas, the team are looking to raise $75,000.  For those willing to contribute, top rewards are available including packaged offerings of Pulse Play units in conjunction with a chance to battle it out on the court with Ram himself, as well as a VIP ticket to accompany Andy to the upcoming French Open event.  For the Indiegogo campaign, at the time of writing there are 40 days left to contribute with 77% of the target already achieved.

As well as providing accurate and reliable scorekeeping. The Pulse Play device, along with its online companion platform, performs three main functions:

●     Provides scorekeeping and live score announcements that allows for uninterrupted gameplay;

●     Records game history and assigns the wearer a global ranking once a match is complete;

●     As a worldwide social network, Pulse Play is able to connect players with new opponents in their area who play at the same level.

This sounds like a great idea and I like the fact you can record scores of all your matches. To find out more about the Pulse Play product, check out the official website HERE.  If you would like to donate and help make this invention a reality, you can do so by clicking HERE.

Quotes from Andy Ram of PulsePlay used in this post.  Photo taken from PulsePlay website.

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