Racket Rally standings for the Moo’s Tennis Blog league: Update 7th of June, 2015

What a French Open… both finals were memorable for different reasons. I don’t if it’s just me but I feel like this tournament has felt really long. Big points were up for grabs in Racket Rally and i’m thrilled to say I had a great fortnight! I’ve stayed loyal with my five shares in Lucie and it really paid off 😀 I also had Ferrer, Nishikori and Muguruza who all made the quarters. Another Petra and Lucie fan, Rifmelody had an awesome fortnight with shares in Safarova, Bacsinszky and Wawrinka. Rifmelody top scored in the Moo’s Tennis Blog league and was also 10th overall out of all Racket Rally players. Rainstopsoonagh also had a great fortnight with five shares in Wawrinka.

Overall, the table is looking a little bit different! Bosiddon and Pykey continue to rule at the top with tenniz-fan in third place. Moo’s up to fourth woop woop. My brother is languishing down in 9th place… what a shameeeeee. My brother keeps reminding me that he is a grass court GOAT. And Paul, you’ve still got that place in the top ten! Woznowuss and RU90 continue to be top ten stalwarts. This will be the last Racket Rally update until after Wimbledon. The next few weeks are going to be absolutely manic… i’m ready!


 To update your team or join in the fun, check out Racket Rally HERE.

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