Lucie and Beth win the French Open women’s doubles!

Lucie and Beth won their second Grand Slam doubles title this year as they beat Yaroslava Shvedova and Casey Dellacqua in the final of the 2015 women’s doubles, 3-6 6-4 6-2. I’m so pleased that Lucie won one of her finals! Beth also won the mixed doubles title with Mike Bryan so this has been a great week for the American too. They are such a great doubles pairs and there celebrations were adorable. Props to Casey for some lovely words about Lucie in the post match speeches. Here are some screencaps from the end of the match…

IMG_0618 IMG_0617 IMG_0619 IMG_0623

IMG_0624 IMG_0638 IMG_0640 IMG_0643 IMG_0632

Screencaps taken from British Eurosport Coverage

7 thoughts on “Lucie and Beth win the French Open women’s doubles!

    • At the moment I really don’t see the need not to go for it, and with Beth at the USopen, this could really be a mind blowing year for this partnership.


  1. And a little love for “Stan the Man”. Once more like the Aussie 2014 contest, he became “IronStan” .

    If I haven’t mentioned it before, I quite love this Roland Garros tournament, really from Lucie, Timea, Serena, Ana and Stan Wawrinka. It’s been ‘different’ in a good way Fingers crossed the hallowed courts of England can lift this summer even higher !!


    • Can’t quite get my head round that men’s final. Insane performance from Stan but gutted for Novak. I’ve loved this French Open, it’s been memorable for so many reasons.


    • Stan was mesmerising today. I doooo think Djokovic looked VERY off today though. Even in the first set. Whether it was playing back to back days or nerves or just that he got carried away with his chances after besting Murray and Nadal… but he wasn’t dominating when he had opportunities.
      In the third set he totally panicked and tried to step outside of his own game when all he needed to do was get his first serve in and try to get Stan moving and hitting balls at different heights/speeds.


  2. Loved the photos of Lucie and Beth,they are a great team,their 2nd GS title this year,well done girls!

    Regarding the mens final,even though I am not a fan of Wawrinka,he has been playing great clay court tennis,I thought he would turn out to be a one GS Wonder,actually I was confident he could win over Novak,well done Stan.


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