Hibernating for the off-season…

The WTA Best of 2016 series is now complete. In case you missed any of the recent posts, you can catch up on all of them below:

Handshakes and Hugs: Click HERE

Best Shots: Click HERE

Best Points: Click HERE

Funny Moments: Click HERE

Memorable Moments: Click HERE

Best Matches of the Year: Click HERE

I’ll now be taking a couple of weeks off from writing and getting the blog ready for next year. As always, thanks so much for the support and comments over the past year. Also, thanks to everyone who contributed over the year with guest posts from the Australian Open, the French Open, Miami, Stuttgart and Sydney. If anyone is planning to attend a tournament in 2017 and would like to write about their experiences next year for Moo’s Tennis Blog then please do get in touch! It would be awesome to add to the guest post pages and to hopefully continue to deliver a fan-based view of tournaments all around the world and throughout the year.

2017 will be a challenge to start with as streaming for WTA matches is up in the air but i’m up for the challenge. If you’ve got any comments about the coverage here on Moo’s Tennis Blog, then please get in touch. I’d really, REALLY, appreciate your input because it will help me to understand what people enjoy/don’t enjoy and to hopefully improve the coverage. You can contact me at MooTennisBlog@gmail.com or simply write your comment using the contact form below.

Enjoy the off-season and i’ll be back sometime in mid-December for the 2017 WTA predictions when we start all over again… can’t wait :D!

6 thoughts on “Hibernating for the off-season…

      • Also wishing you a festive and relaxing holiday season as well James, not forgetting your family too. Cheers!

        Wouldn’t want to rouse you out of your wintry slumber during the off-season, but, perchance you do find some time, would love to see peoples outlook and predictions for the coming year. Thanks!

        Cheers to the others who contribute to the comments, happy holiday season to all.


  1. Have a good rest from it all James. I do not have time to read all your posts as I am also a keen fan of some other sports but I do get to look at a lot of them and they are professional and well presented and make good reading. Very few of my friends/family like tennis so it is good to discuss tennis on the Internet and hear the opinions etc of some very knowledgeable tennis fans. Trying to predict who is going to win the WTA events is something that I enjoy doing…..even if I do not have a lot of success at it 😦 Looking forward to next season and watching my favourite players compete on the tennis courts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Peter! Really appreciate your comments. Same for me really and it’s one of the reasons why I set up the blog to be able to talk to other tennis fans. Hope you get to enjoy some other sports during the tennis off-season.


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