Best photos of 2015

As the New Year approaches, i’m reflecting on the year; there were many memorable live tennis experiences including Eastbourne and visiting Roland Garros for the first time. I’m hoping to make it to another new tournament in 2016 (planning required!) but for now, i’ve already booked my hotel for Eastbourne (yayyy) and will try and get to Wimbledon a few times too. Anyway, here are some of my favourite photos from 2015…

Let’s kick this list off with a classic pose from Dasha! If you get the chance to see Gavrilova, go for it. She’s one of the most entertaining WTA players to watch live.


Meandering my way through a hefty crowd and finding that elusive gap, I managed to get this shot of Novak on the outside courts at Wimbledon.


This was the first time i’ve seen Elina Svitolina live and I really like this shot – her hair looks funky! I was also chuffed that Elina shared this particular photo on her social media pages.


This photo of Hyeon Chung shows how close you can get to the players on the outside courts at Wimbledon.


In 2015, I developed an appreciation for Magdalena Rybarikova. I love this shot from Eastbourne when she played on the Centre Court against Kuznetsova.


Oh Jelena. I only got to see JJ live for the first time last year so I treasure every live experience. This was from a women’s doubles match at Wimbledon which was muchos entertaining.


Lucie’s match against Pavs at Roland Garros was one of my tennis highlights of the year. The sun on court 2 was magic and I love the action on the ball in this one!


A bit of randomness… Grigor doing some stretching during one of his practices at Wimbledon.


Smiling tennis players… Madison Keys had a lot of fun playing mixed doubles with Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon this year.


I love the determination on Dasha’s face in this one after she won the second set against Camila Giorgi in Eastbourne, having saved a match point in the tiebreak.


I took so many pictures of Belinda this year and she was smiling in most of them!


I loveee this one of Lucie. The stare was towards Rob during the match against Pavs when she’d missed multiple match points.


It was a tough year for Nick but I do like this one of him playing mixed doubles with Madison.


Woz was all smiles in Eastbourne after a seagull kept swooping onto the court. I love watching practices at Eastbourne on the first weekend as there’s so few people about.


The shock on Sara’s face at an umpiring deicsion is just hahahahaha


This photo just says it all. The celebration. The score. The setting. It’s one of the reasons why a Ground Pass at a Slam is just as good as a show court for moments like this.


EHHHHH? Oh I love Babs and this one makes me laugh out loud every time.


When I tweeted this next photo, my Twitter blew up haha! It’s all about Shino.

Safarova Shino

Not the last one of Belinda. This is an unusual pose at the net but I like it! I was the only person watching at the time and managed to get my lens to focus through the black netting at the practice courts.


This was one of the first photos I took from Eastbourne and is definitely one of my favourites. I’ve seen Aga before and she’s looked miserable as sin. Not this time though!


The Babs-Sara match was a personal highlight for me and the list wouldn’t be complete with another one of Babs. This shot was just before she ended up on the floor with her head in her hands.


I’m all about the handshakes. And this was bloody awesome. I was waiting for it as well as I knew Lucie and Nastia are good friends. The crowd applause intensified with the hug.

safarova pavs

Watching live clay court tennis for the first time was an absolute treat. Watching a player like Carla, at ease on this surface, was awesome. This was my favourite photo from Roland Garros and i’m hoping to go back to Paris in 2017.


Anddddd finally, my favourite shot this year was another one of Belinda. It was taken from the roof overlooking court 18 which is a great place to take photos as it gives a different perspective. It was a perfect shot with Belinda celebrating a hard fought first round win against Tsvetana Pironkova.


I hope you enjoyed a look back at some of my favourite photos of 2015. For more of my photos from Roland Garros, Eastbourne and Wimbledon, check out my Tournament Experiences page HERE.

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