Radwanska wins Singapore, looking ahead to Zhuhai…


Agnieszka Radwanska won her biggest title to date, defeating Petra Kvitova, 6-2 4-6 6-3, in an entertaining finale in Singapore. Radwanska was absolutely rock solid, producing just one unforced error through the first two sets and five throughout the entire match. Kvitova was… well, Peak-Error-Petra in the first set but she got it together in the second set and kept fighting. Radwanska was just too solid in the end. It was lovely to see Aga’s reaction at the end and what this title meant to her. It’s rare to see a reaction like that and it really got me! I’m still not convinced whether this will translate into bigger things at a Slam but there’s no doubt the three set wins over Muguruza and Kvitova will give her a huge confidence boost heading into 2016.

Regarding Petra, I have everything crossed that she will be fully fit to start 2016 and perhaps more importantly, be motivated to keep improving. She battled hard in this final and will end the year at number six which is a remarkable achievement considering the health concerns that have plagued her for much of the year. Petra’s squawking pojds give me life and tennis is so much more interesting with her around.

The commentator on TennisTV kept referring to the Kvitova v Radwanska final as the last match of the year… I wish they were true but it’s not the case as we still have the Huajin Securities WTA Elite Trophy in Zhuhai. I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about it earlier in the week but now I’m feeling urghhhh. Singapore should be the last tournament of the year and it just feels odd. The draw was announced on Sunday with four groups of three players and the winners of each progressing to the semi-finals.

There should be some fun matches… On a first glance at the groups, I’d go for Venus, Svitolina, Pliskova and Kuznetsova to reach the semi-finals. I’m still not sure whether i’m going to cover Zhuhai here on Moo’s Tennis Blog. I’ll try and watch some of it but i’ve just about reached the end of the line with the 2015 Asian Swing! Singapore was decent this year although it remains a tough one for me to follow with all the matches taking place while i’m either asleep or at work. I still feel like this tournament was missing that one classic match.

As ever, thanks for all your support and comments. We’re pretty much there for 2015 now and I’m starting to reflect on what has been an exhausting but ultimately rewarding year of blogging. I’m contemplating whether to pick up the ATP coverage again for the World Tour Finals but remain undecided for now. Moo’s Tennis Blog will soon be flicking into off-season mode though and there will be new posts to keep you entertained (hopefully!) until January. As always, i’ll be starting with my countdown of the top 20 WTA matches. I’m currently in the process of writing it so stay tuned for that ๐Ÿ™‚

11 thoughts on “Radwanska wins Singapore, looking ahead to Zhuhai…

    • Probably not, I don’t normally blog about about Fed Cup and i’m tired hahaha! The off-season is calling me. Should be fun though and looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it ๐Ÿ™‚


      • I get it, you’re really brave to blog throughout the entire season, it must be exhausting!
        But yeah I will post my impressions ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • Thanks, Marija! I still have some posts to come but will take a couple of weeks off to prepare for the 2016 season. Look forward to Jimmie’s coverage from the Fed Cup final. He’s done such a brilliant job this year and it’s great you have been able to cover so many tournaments.


  1. I’m thinking Petkovic, Venus, Jankovic and Wozniacki! A lot of people are suggesting many players won’t ‘turn up’ which is a reasonable thought, however i think 700 points is a lot to just leave! Especially for Wozniacki and Venus, who could boost their seedings for AUS Open.


    • I love that we only agree on one hahaha! On reflection, I would go for Jankovic over Pliskova. JJ and Sveta were my two picks pre-draw. I got confused in my head about the JJ-Plisk H2H but JJ-Sara concerns me. Yes I agree, so many ranking points up for grabs!


      • Jankovic v Errani bleeeh totally didn’t think about this match up! I nearly went for Sveta. A lot will depend on what mood Caro is in I think. You’re so right about the season though. It does feel over… Hopefully they’ll sort out the awful scheduling!


      • Is it me or is the bottom half of the draw totally loaded?! Errani, Pliskova and Jankovic all in one group?! Then Vinci, Wozniacki and Kuznetsova in the other…


      • It’s a pretty loaded draw all round but yes, the bottom half does look stronger. I’m intrigued by the first match of the tournament tomorrow, Venus v Madison. The second group does appear the weakest in terms of recent form. Petko has struggled of late and Carla must be exhausted after playing Moscow and Singapore. I’ve changed my mind about the third group as i’m leaning more towards Jankovic over Pliskova.


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