Wowzers… Pennetta wins the US Open and will retire from tennis at the end of 2015!

PennettaJust wow. This is the second day in a row that tennis has rendered me a speechless and sputtering wreck.  Flavia Pennetta won the 2015 US Open, her first Grand Slam singles title, with a 7-6(4) 6-2 victory over Roberta Vinci. In her victory speech, Pennetta also dropped a bombshell as she announced her retirement of tennis. In an interview with Eurosport afterwards she appeared to confirm this would come into effect at the end of the year.

While it’s a sad one for Flavia fans and tennis fans in general, I think it’s a rather delightful decision. Go out on a high, I say! There had been some rumours about Pennetta retiring and I saw it mentioned on my Twitter timeline today and was nodding along… still, it’s a shocker! Initially I thought it was retirement with immediate effect but it seems that Pennetta will continue for the rest of the year… Singapore is now a real possibility for Flavia.

Back to the final…. both were nervous during the first set but on the whole, it was a decent final considering neither had experienced this occasion before. Pennetta went up a break in the first set, finally converting on her seventh break point in the fifth game of the match. She lost her break and then had to serve with scoreboard pressure at *4-5 and *5-6, sealing both games in surprisingly convincing fashion with super shots at the net. Vinci’s game at the net wasn’t there to start with as she won just 4 out of 11 points up there and she couldn’t get her forehand going.

Into a first set tiebreak, which seemed about fair, and it was Pennetta who was the more solid. Vinci made quite a few errors including a forehand lifted long and a return way long to set up set points for Pennetta… she duly obliged. Winning the first set seemed to free up Pennetta who started to go for her shots and hit more aggressively, going up *4-0. The quality was excellent at the start of the second set with some wonderful points up at the net. Vinci mounted a mini-comeback but Pennetta would not be denied, winning with looming grey clouds… they finished JUST in time!

This tournament has been a wacky and wild rollerocaster but I mean that in a positive way! There have been some stunning women’s matches this fortnight, a few that will definitely be contending my top 20 countdown at the end of the year, and while this tournament didn’t end the way that many, including myself, anticipated and hoped it would, I kind of loved everything about that final.

I’m so thankful (for selfish reasons) that this match finished in two sets because I feel terrible right now… you know that feeling where you’re shivering cold but also burning up. This tournament has destroyed me! Time for sleep…

Many, many, MANY congrats, Flavia and Roberta.

14 thoughts on “Wowzers… Pennetta wins the US Open and will retire from tennis at the end of 2015!

  1. (Smile) hope you feel better come morning light, James. Oddly enough..I was watching the end of the match on my small kitchen tv. Sitting on a high stool, whiles eating some warm Italian sausage and vegie soup with brown bread.
    It felt joyous and sad at the same time, very emotional end to the tournament of which much was expected, and much was denied. Yet, I feel satisfied, there was something of the human condition about how it all ended. Best of luck to Pennetta on her new life.

    Ps. Planning to retire ahead of a slam maybe the new way to psyche yourself to a win.


    • It was certainly an emotional trophy ceremony. I saw a tweet that Flavia had decided she would retire after Toronto. I would have guessed it would have put more pressure on but it worked for Flavia 🙂


  2. Really, this time WTA-final looks more interesting and inspiring for me than ATP. I hope today we’ll see another stunning match between Djoko and Roger, but the atmosphere in the wta semis and final was just incredible. It could be in the movie, all this story about 2 friends, defeating #1 and 2 in the world, to reach their first and probably last final.


    • It was a completely refreshing moment and I do love watching new players compete in the finals of Grand Slams and see how they cope with the occasion. I’m still very much looking forward to the men’s final although it’s going to be late for me and doubt i’ll stay up for all of it.


  3. Well Flavia could not go out on a better note in winning the 2015 USO Womens Singles Final! and announcing her retirement at the end of this year.Flavia has had a lot of struggles both physically and mentally while on tour,it could not happen to a more gracious person.I felt the win by Roberta over Serena in the s/final did take its toll,still Roberta did go down fighting,we witness some great bhand volleys,net play during the final.

    I have never seen such a long embrace at the net! also the way Flavia and Roberta sat beside one another,joked together,waiting for the trophy ceremony to begin.You could clearly see their great friendship they have had over the many years.Roberta you may have lost the final,your fun personality shone through and have many new fans.

    I enjoyed the final….thanks to two great friends,that made it very enjoyable.


  4. Just a message to the officials of the USTA….for the life of me ‘why don’t you get tarps when it rains’ much easier to dry after the court has been covered.How many times has it rained for the mens final? lol!.I bet next year when the roof is operational,it won’t rain at all:) I will miss the mens final live,I will have to watch a replay.


  5. Djokovic wins hurrah! Normality is restored. It’s interesting that he mentioned in his speech that this year stands behind 2011, where he may have won more titles but he also had some losses to unlikely players due to running out of gas.
    He’s now made the final at his last eleven tournaments in a row (!) Winning 7 of those- 3 Slams and 4 Masters. Plus he made all four Slam finals and the only Masters thus far he didn’t make the final of was the one he didn’t enter. Just incredible, really! And the best bit for him is that these last few months have been his best of the last few years. He pretty much owns the Asian swing and hasn’t been beaten on an indoor hardcourt in ages!


      • Yes, it looks like he’s found answers to Federer’s net rushing tactics. To be honest I think he half arsed their Cincinatti final, which was a shame considering how much a win there would have meant to his legacy, but is understandable when you consider he played ten singles matches in two weeks plus five doubles matches.
        I do feel like he’s not quite as aggressive in his play from the RG final to this point as he was from Doha to that RG final. He’s dropped a few sets to players who shouldn’t have much of a chance against him. And he hasn’t had a bagel set since Monte Carlo, at which point he’d dished out TEN (several to top ten players). I really hope he intends on finishing the year out the way he started it. If he were to win his last four tournaments (China Open, Shanghai and Paris Masters and the Year End Championships) then this would go down as one of the greatest seasons ever on the ATP, perhaps second only to Laver’s Slam year.


    • I can understand that too. Whiles this year has been great, the challenges were also greater back in 2011. But back then he actually not just won but was basically outplaying his opponents( there is a shine to the first time experience). French open back in 2011 could have gone either way, although Nadal still won. This time, he was actually outplayed and dominated by someone else at the French, something that never happened like that in 2011.
      In the grand scheme of things it’s much ado about nothing for me, but probably from his perspective, 2015 hasn’t given him that magic although the victories have been plenty.
      Just my opinion, I also feel Wawrinka may have let Roger off the hook in the semis seeing as Roger was playing well, and his chances for Slams now are at a premium. Just my opinion but Stan was playing too well to have lost like that. Anyway, done is done.

      A good US open nonetheless, thanks to James et al, for conversations. Cheers!


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