I’m trying to put words together but AHHHHHHH!

And breatheeeeeeeee.

In all my years of watching tennis, i’ve never witnessed anything quite like that. Roberta Vinci created one of the upsets in tennis history to defeat Serena Williams and set up an all-Italian US Open final against Flavia Pennetta.

Wow it’s actually happening.


Most of the post-match analysis will be centered around Serena naturally. Calendar Slam and all that, I don’t think there were many (31 people in the pre-match poll!) who thought that this was a real possibility. I think it’s important to first give hugeeeee credit to Vinci. Even in that winning position and with what was going through Serena’s head, to close that match out was a magnificent effort. Vinci played some fantastic tennis in that final set and while Serena provided little resistance in the final game, it was PEAK Vinci for much of the final set, playing aggressively and producing some majestic tennis at the net.

And Roberta was so endearing in her post-match interview. I was just sat there half laughing, half crying at what just happened. You could see her shaking so much! I was doing the same to be honest…

There were a couple of incredible points in the final set and Serena was so incredibly pumped in that final set beyond belief.

At the start of the third set it still felt inevitable for Serena because of what she’s done in the Slams this year. Serena has gone to a third set in 11 of her 26 Slam matches prior to this semi-final and every time, had pulled it out of the bag. This will be a tough one for Serena but I think it’s important to state that still, what she has done this year has been incredible. Four Slams in a row. The Serena Slam… An amazing achievement.

While it feels about nine years ago now, Flavia Pennetta caused an upset in the first of the semi-finals, beating Simona Halep, 6-1 6-3 in less than an hour. While I wasn’t surprised at Pennetta winning (despite the prediction!), the scoreline was a shock. While Pennetta rose to the occasion, Halep didn’t. The Romanian player hit a whopping 23 unforced errors, four more than she produced in her victory over Victoria Azarenka in a three set quarter-final. Furthermore, she failed to win less than half of her first service points, a far cry to the match against Azarenka where she was owning it on serve. Pennetta though, was on point, coming from 1-3 down in the second set (Halep had a game point for 4-1), winning a couple of games in super quick time and finishing with stats of 23 winners to 16 unforced errors.

This final was so heavily hyped pre-tournament, so much so, that that women’s final sold out before the men’s. While I am gutted we won’t see Serena go for the Calendar Slam, the fascination of seeing two players, both Italians and good friends, battle it out for a first ever Grand Slam is definitely there for me. Last year we saw Kei Nishikori and Marin Cilic upset the top two seeds in the semi-finals but this just feels X100 in the crazy stakes. I mean, Pennetta v Vinci could have been a first round match………

So who’s going to win?! Hahahahaha. It’s all a mess in my head.

Trying to bring back some kind of normality and reason in my head, i’d have to go for Pennetta. While she will go in the favourite and with a little more pressure, I imagine it will be tough for Vinci to put that win over Serena behind her to concentrate on this final which comes around so quickly. It’s going to be a strange one but i’m really, really, really looking forward to it and I hope tennis fans will embrace this moment.

Great match, ladies.


  1. My heart is still beating fast, I have lost my voice, I still can’t belive it. It’s not a secret that I dislike Serena’s game and that I was tired of her domination (even though for sure she has had a fantastic year!)… so add to that the fact that I’m half Italian, I could only go for Pennetta (which I had predicted to win today) and for Roberta… who simply amazed me at all levels today.

    This is a dream day for me, two italians in the US Open final, two ladies I really really appreciate, two “veterans” (who are about my age lol) and simply two girl who are not so powerful but play beautiful tennis. I am sorry if it upsets Serena fans, but I’m happy that tomorrow we will have a beautiful final with probably real rallies and not ace after ace after ace and a rally average of 2-3 shots. This is a good day also for tennis because while it broke Serena’s dream to make history, Pennetta and more importantly Vici send out a very important message to all other female players: it is possible to beat Serena, they all can do it. And they reinforced what Serena has proved all year long too: it is still possible to win a GS in your thirties. Long live women’s tennis!


  2. Serena was over confident and paid the price, it could have happened against Watson at Wimbledon, but Watson being young choked big time. Vinci being a veteran just played the game. Congrats to Vinci. Last year it was Cilic Nishikori, this year its Vinci Penetta. US Open is proving to be something.


    • Serena was not over confident, she met the wrong player at the wrong time. Serena played two hard hitters back to back Venus & Madison she runs into a junker like Vinci whose slices and jabs, lobs threw off her game enough to rattle her. Vinci also ran down more shots and kept the ball in play. That is what makes sports great – you can witness great upsets in sports and revel in that happening.


      • Sorry, but your logic doesnt work, because that has happened to Serena in the past as well. She is a complete player and knows what to do whether she plays 2 hard hitters in a row or 3. She has 21 grand slams, she wouldnt have won them if she got thrown of her game because all of a sudden she wasnt playing a hard hitter.


  3. All I can say after watching tennis for well over thirty years,’Nothing Is Ever A Given In Tennis’.I think we all saw that today in both of the ladies s/finals,more importantly in the match between Serena and Roberta.
    Credit to both Italian Ladies! as I am writing this still ‘shell shocked’ though in a good way.Today’s game to me is 80% mental,the firm belief that you have in your game,also the will to win at any cost.

    Roberta and Flavia are the best of friends,also have played many Fed Cup ties together for Italy,they know each others games.Both ladies have shown Determination,Grit and the will to Win to get to the final,they both deserve their place.Has Roberta already played her final in her defeat of Serena? Flavia did have a easier match against Halep,who was as ‘flat as a tack’.

    I will pick Flavia in 3 sets,I feel she has the more aggressive game overall,like Roberta knows how to volley and come forward at the correct time,her BH has been great this tournament,Flavia will have to keep her UFE in check,as Roberta will make her pay for it,as we saw in her match against Serena.

    I hope it is a competitive final,good luck to both Roberta and Flavia!


    • I think we are all shocked right now! Thanks for the comment, Margaret. Been a pleasure reading them all these past few weeks. I’m actually really looking forward to this final and I hope Roberta and Flavia put on a good show!


  4. I’m going with Flavia. Before the semis, I thought Flavia could do what Roberta just did to avenge Vinci should Serena beat her and they meet in the final. But, lo behold, Roberta can take care of herself pretty well. I’ll stick with Flavia, best wishes to Roberta.

    In a sense, best Serena lost in the semi-finals than in the finals when you’re at the finish line. Both Italians actually showed so much patience and nous when both Halep and Serena were in their highs and lows. Something for the younger women to take note of.


  5. viva l’Italia ! Like Margaret, I’ve been following tennis for many years and feel quite elated. They’re both such beautiful girls in every way.


  6. Sport is boring when the outcome is predictable. Today’s semi-finals have made fools of the experts, and it’s always pleasant to watch them eat their words and try to make sense of fate. Two grannies really play in the final…Roberta please finish the business if you can for God’s sake! And Serena deserved to lose for underestimating her opponent and having fun with Drake before the final!


  7. I’d go with Penetta. Vinci will likely feel a bit of an anticlimax after her Serena win.

    Oh Serena…
    The only positives I can take from this is that she’ll probably try to do it again next year LOL


  8. CRAZY! ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! and I’m so much looking forward to watching the final because it will be such a big match for both! I’d say Pennetta in two – because Vinci might have a little bit of a let down.

    However, I’m gutted for Serena! I mean I’ve never been the biggest fan for some well known reasons but this tournament I was really cheering for her. She’s arguably the most complete and best player and when she’s on fire, her game is glorious to watch. As everyone else, I thought it would be great to witness such a lifetime achievement and for me it felt inevitable she’d win the US Open. I also thought she would handle the pressure as she always handles it. So when I left my flat (Serena leading 2:0 in the third) I was like, I’m gonna check scores later for Djokovic Cilic and maybe watch Wawrinka-Fed. You can probably guess that I was like : WTF DID HAPPEN?! so I haven’t seen the rest of the set yet – just the last game with two awesome points Vinci made and the adorable interview afterwards. So what happened in between? Was it more Vinci? Was it Serena totally falling apart? WHAT HAPPENED?????


      • Ok, thanks. well great for Vinci then – I mean even if she knew Serena was getting tight it wasn’t clear that she’d be able to pull through. We all know that Serena is the BEST in dragging out wins from unwinnable positions. If I had watched the last set completely I wouldn’t have trusted Vinci even at 40:0 and three match points to win it 😀


    • Please don’t forget that whoever beats Serena will lose the next match. This is a jinx and nobody can escape. Be ready to shoot yourself after the match. It will be an easy two sets unless Flavia chokes more than Roby.


  9. What does everybody think for tomorrow? I think Federer looks SO sharp and these courts definitely favour his game more. But hopefully Djokovic drags it out. If it goes to 5 sets then Novak should win.


    • Novak has been playing pretty steady himself. I had wanted Warinka to make the final cause he is about the only one capable of beating both Roger and Novak( as IronStan) back to back. But the Fed dealt with him quite efficiently. Either Roger is back to his good self, seeing the ball very clearly or something else, cause he dispatched the other one handed back hand guy, Reeshard, quite clinically too. This is a coin toss for me, heart goes with Roger , head with Novak. I’ll go with Federer in 4 sets. But…..he must win the FIRST set.


      • Apologies, meant to get out a Djok-Fed final preview but never got round to it. I think it’s going to be absolutely fascinating. Federer has been playing extremely well and this feels like it might be his time. However, a weird part of me is still leaning to Djokovic and he’s playing well himself. Hope the rain doesn’t delay it, I’m really looking forward to it!


      • I think Federer probably has to win the first two sets to win. Djokovic played really well in his SF match, though Cilic injured as he said. He just doesn’t seem as comfortable here as in the other 3 Slams this year. A pro Fed crowd could get him riled up in a bad way. I hope I’m wrong though. Winning this and the Year Ends would probably put this as his greatest year. Already this is his ELEVENTH final. He could add another 4 to that…


    • Difficult question 😀 I don’t know but I feel like this *could* be the first slam for Fed since 2012! So I’d favour him to win in 4. If it goes 5 though I think Djokovic prevails.


  10. Lost in the Mayhem of yesterday, the swiss Miss, Hingis won the mixed doubles with Paes. She can add yet another trophy with Mirza, come sunday in the women’s doubles final. Either she has found her calling again in doubles or those Indian partners are doing something for her. Whatever it is, it seems pretty darn good.


  11. I remember when Schiavone played Stosur in the finals. Everybody chose Stosur, but it was Schiavone who won. So anything can happen in this final.


  12. OMG what a tournament,what a way to go out Flavia announces her retirement!!!!!!!!!! I am shell shocked,those rumors were true…..Enjoy Flavia USO Champion 2015!!!!


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