The Krane Training Method™: Generating more power on the two handed backhand

It’s Ryan here…

How awesome was that French Open men’s final? Both players played exceptional tennis and it was an amazing accomplishment for Stan Wawrinka to win. There were so many takeaways from the match, but one theme stood out the most…. Wondering what it was for me?

It was how physical the modern game is and how they use their bodies to generate enormous power. Novak’s backhand is incredible and without a strong body, excellent timing, and great footwork he would have a hard time hitting the lines and doing the splits on many of his backhands. For many recreational players they only use their arms to generate power on their backhands instead of using their entire bodies. These players are sabotaging power, spin and depth on their groundstrokes.

Wondering how to generate more power on your two handed backhand? If so then you are in luck as I have a special video in store for you… Watch it NOW!

This video has helped a lot of my clients hit with more power, spin and depth on their two handed backhands and I am confident it will help you too. It’s your time to take your two handed backhand to the next level and I am confident I can help…

You can find out more about the Krane Training Method™ and the services they offer HERE

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