Match Recap, Beijing Final: Sharapova d. Kvitova, 6-4 2-6 6-3

2014_08_14  W&S Tennis Thursday Maria Sharapova-7

The final Premier Mandatory event of the year concluded in Beijing as Maria Sharapova edged Petra Kvitova, 6-4 2-6 6-3 in the final.  It took a while to get going, but the third set was a very enjoyable watch.  It had a fabulous intensity to it with Sharapova her usual committed self, but Kvitova was squawking back with interest in the third set.  It wasn’t a particularly good first set with both players cancelling each other out and many of the points being won on errors as opposed to unforced errors.  Petra was much more aggressive in the second set, meanwhile the third set was the most balanced and entertaining of the match.

This was a big week for Sharapova.  It was her first final since Roland Garros and her first hard court victory since Indian Wells in 2013.  By virtue of this win, she moves up to number two in the world.  Her form has been patchy since the clay court season, but this was the perfect result for her with Singapore just around the corner.  Kvitova has had a tremendous two weeks and she fought admirably in the final and made Sharapova win it.  Since Wimbledon, there were a few stutters with early exits in Montreal and Cincy.  She also suffered an early exit to Aleksandra Krunic at the US Open; however when you look at all her results since SW19, her performances have exceeded my expectations.   Kvitova is still on the list for Moscow, which is next week.  I’m really hoping Petra doesn’t play and fully rests up for Singapore.  I’ve got high hopes she is going to finish the season on a brilliant high.

Photo in this post by Omar Boraby

12 thoughts on “Match Recap, Beijing Final: Sharapova d. Kvitova, 6-4 2-6 6-3

  1. I doubt Petra will play Moscow to be honest.
    I just HOPE Serena is fit to play Singapore because I don’t want to see Sharapova at #1 in the world.


    • I doubt it too, but her name is still on the list which CONCERNS me!

      I really hope Serena plays too. I just want everyone to be fit and healthy for Singapore because it’s got potential to be a really fantastic week of WTA tennis.


      • Yepp. If Serena is fit to play then she’s still my pick. She won last years event playing at half throttle.
        Petra and Ana are my dark horses. I don’t know what happened to her against Maria but that’s been a rarity this year and not her standard level of play.


    • It will sadden my heart to see Sharapova end the year with #1. I really hope everyone is healthy to complete at the highest level in Singapore.
      Petra had her opportunity yesterday to win China open but unfortunately her game was marred with numerous unforced error.


      • I’m pleased I’m not alone. In my opinion Sharapova is a black mark on the WTA representing everything wrong with it.
        The only thing I admire of her is her mental fortitude.


      • Oh dear, not much love for Maria! I’m not a fan, in fact she’s one of my least favourite players on tour. Personally, I don’t enjoy watching her game. However I do respect what she does on the court and the way she competes.


      • Sharapova is not even in the list of my least favorites players. I do not enjoy watching her because her game lacks versatility and the kind of grunts she exhibits on court often disgusts me I must confess. She is not magnanimous in defeat. She is sore loser and extremely arrogant. “I think if I was built like Serena I hope I’d be able to hit a big serve like that, too” says Maria Sharapova. Instead of her to develop a new approach and strategy to enable her defeat Serena since 2004, she’s crying over a mere muscle. Serena Williams will continue to outplay you if you and coach fail to develop a novel approach.

        Djockovic does beat muscular players, Ana Ivanovic does beat muscular women including Serena, Sabine Lisicki recorded the fastest ever serve in WTA history. These are women who are less muscular than Sharapova. I don’t know why Maria doesn’t complain about Sam Stosur after all she does beat Stosur with all her(Sam) muscles.

        My favourites : Petra, Ana, Radwanska, Azarenka and Halep. Maria sucks!!! Mitcheew!!!


      • I can’t understand why anybody besides horny male teenagers would enjoy watching her play. There is almost no depth or variety in her game…


  2. Well, the blogger isn’t a Maria fan, so why would your readers be? Just passing by as it was recommended by Tennis Forum. Come to think of it, by an Ana Ivanovic fan. I should have considered the source, lol.


      • Even if mootennis happen to be Maria’s fan, it still would not change people’s opinions about Sharapova. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. For your information, Mootennis doesn’t hate Sharapova. I don’t hate her too cos I don’t hate people. But her game sucks. Therefore I hate her game.


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