Tennis Fantasy Games for the French Open

I enjoy doing fantasy tennis games for the Slams.  In January, I posted about Tennis For Free’s game for the Australian Open. Their game for the French Open is now up and after attracting 20 players last time, I have set up a league for anyone who is interested to join again!  I have also noticed that on the Roland Garros website they are doing an official game this year, which I also have provided details for below if anyone wants to join a league…

Tennis For Free

TFF Dream Team – How do you join?

1) Firstly head over to the TFF Dream Team site HERE

2) Click on “Register” at the top of the page.  You will need to enter a username and password and will then be asked whether you want to donate money to their charity.  It’s not compulsory and you can play for free; however donations will make you eligible to win prizes. If you donate £3, you get entered into their prize draw for the French Open to win a tennis racquet and if you donate £5 or more, you get entered into the TFF Champion’s Race. This is basically a league comprising of the four Slams and the top ten players at the end of the year win prizes.  I was lucky enough to come 2nd overall a few years back and won a signed tennis racquet by Andy Murray!  The year after that I finished in the top 10 and won a t-shirt and hoody so the prizes are winnable.

3) You have to pick ten ATP players and ten WTA players, keeping to a budget.  You can keep changing your team up till the deadline on Sunday Morning  Full rules are given HERE.

4) I have set up a personal league entitled, “Moo’s Tennis Blog” for people to enter.  To join the Moo’s Tennis Blog league, go to your homepage and click on the “My Group” label.  You will then need to enter a password to join an exisitng league which is the following: 061a43bea70c737a8ad38c50692a9a7e  And then you’re in!

5) Note that at the time of writing, there are many players crossed out in the player lists.  This will be fixed once the qualifiers are confirmed so it might be worth holding off until Saturday to pick your team or at least make some last minute changes.

Roland Garros Official Game – How do you join?

1) Head over to the Roland Garros official game HERE

2) To be honest, I am not sure how this game works yet, but all will become on clear on Friday when the draws come out.  It involves selecting six players for each round of the tournament, which may be a little more labour intensive than the game described above.  It looks interesting though!

3) I have set up a league named “Moo’s Tennis Blog”.  To join, you need to use the following credentials:

> Group number : 8291
> Group password : MZFR7

I hope I have intrigued at least a few of you to join in the fun for the French Open.  If you have any questions, please feel free to post in the comments section!

7 thoughts on “Tennis Fantasy Games for the French Open

  1. I played the TFF Dream Team at the Australian Open for the first time and it was fun though I didn’t do so well on the men’s side. I’ll definitely join again!


  2. I am in… unfortunately I registered wrong (as an under 18 years old), but probably they can change it. 🙂 In other case I can’t win any prizes… but I missed AO, so in every case not much to win.

    After the draw I probably have to make some adjustmens of my team. Will be fun for sure to compete with Moo and some other guys. Good luck!


    • If you send them an e-mail at I am sure you can change the under 18 issue. Just a bit of a fun really and it only takes 10 minutes to enter. I normally just do it with my brother, but thought it would be cool to try and get as many people in a league as possible to make it a little bit more interesting.


  3. I played the official RG game last year and while I didn’t really like it, I’m sure some would. It involves picking players to win matches, going for the right upsets. Say, if there was a match between Serena and Piter, if you picked Serena and she won you would get 10 points but if you picked Piter and she won you would get 200. No points if the person you pick loses. Thanks to me having faith in Dinah Pfizenmaier and Marina Erakovic I did well early but I trailed of later.


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