Men’s US Open 2015 Predictions




PREDICTION RESULTS =  84 / 127 (66%)

All correct predictions are coloured in GREEN and all incorrect predictions are coloured in RED

All ATP drawsheets can be found HERE

6 thoughts on “Men’s US Open 2015 Predictions

  1. hi james.. sure you’ve answered this before, but why do you focus on the womens game? as a tennis fan, but not a die hard one and a general sports fan, the womens game is seldom that entertaining.. it seems most people watch it for the second tier match ups, or the potential that serena will self implode and someone will benefit.. at least in the mens game, although djoko is the most consistent player, he can be beaten, its much more of a toss up come a final..

    anyway, just remember from a couple of years ago, where there was equal analysis and now its all the womens game, which for the most is so one dimensional and so inconsistent.. if in the mens game there is djokos with murray, fed and possibly nisk and wawrinka who can beat him.. what can you say in the womens game.. theres serena.. serena beating herself, serena not feeling well, serena going full reatrd at an official, and then waaayy back, an relatively unknown who might occasionally beat her..

    yes the us womens sold out faster, cos of the history which will be made, not due to the fact that anyone expects a super final.

    anyway, just my personal ramblings.. would you care to offer an opinion on other blogs where they do cover the mens game? your analsysi is and has been good.. a bit hopeful at times in terms of outcomes, but whats sports without a little bias from time to time 🙂


    • Thanks for the comment, adg0. I made the decision to concentrate on WTA earlier this year as I personally prefer watching WTA and I feel I can do it more justice than the ATP. I wish I could follow both tours but I have a full-time day job and it’s just not possible anymore. Tennis Grandstand is a great site that follows ATP. I’ll always try and put some ATP predictions up (been a bit slack last few weeks) but i’m planning to concentrate on the WTA at least for the US Open.


    • I find the women’s game is more enjoyable to follow than the mens. There is a wider variety of game styles by successful players, more personality and they tend to be more emotionally involved. I don’t really like Murray or Nadal or Federer which doesn’t often leave me with much…


  2. At this point I want Warinka to come through in the battle of the swiss backhands. Because if he suits up as IronStan, he is the only player who can convincingly beat both Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic or even Cilic.

    Fingers crossed.


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