2020 WTA Predictions: How did Moo’s Tennis Blog do?

It’s time to look back at last year’s predictions… and it’s not looking bad at all! The rankings were affected which has had an impact on the year-end positions. I managed to predict the world’s top five although not quite in the correct order. I had seven of the world’s top 10 and correctly predicted two ranking positions. Before posting my predictions for 2021, let’s take a look back at some of my statements from last year’s post and how they stacked up against reality.

Third time lucky? I’ve gone for Svitolina as my world number one again.

Hmm. No! I keep going for Svitolina as world number one. I’ve always been on the fence as to whether she will win a Slam and I think i’ve made my mind up sadly after her quarter-final loss at Roland Garros this year.

I think that Kenin will win a Slam in 2020.

Yay! I actually got something right and I don’t think it was an obvious pick! I’m going to run with this one for years 😂. I had Kenin at number two in my predictions. While she finished at four in the year-end rankings, she was number 1 in the race after reaching two Slam finals.

Osaka will definitely win more Slams in my opinion (going for one more in 2020) and i’m still convinced her game can marry up with the grass despite her struggles this year.

Tick on the Slams in 2020 although I went for the Australian Open. We didn’t get to see Osaka on grass. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing this statement tested in 2021.

Pliskova is a safe lock for the top ten in my opinion. I’m still not convinced she will win a Slam in 2020.

Correct. The Czech player comfortably finished inside the world’s top ten but had a very unconvincing year at the Slams, failing to make it past the third round at any of the three Slams she played.

I’m sold on Muchova’s game. I think she will win Slams although probably a push for 2020.

I was a bit heavy on the Muchova bandwagon as I predicted that the Czech player would finish at number seven in the rankings. A slow start and some injuries didn’t help Muchova’s cause as she finished the season at 27. There were some flashes of brilliance and you’ll be delighted to know i’m still on the Muchova train.

I’ve omitted Serena from my top ten for the past few years but have her sneaking in this time round.

The one time that I had Serena in my top ten and she was just pipped at the post by Aryna Sabalenka!

[For Muguruza] My expectations are tempered compared to last year where I had her at number two but she’s too good to be languishing outside of the world’s top 30. She will always be one of my favourites for the French Open title.

I felt Muguruza was due a resurgence, like many did, and she was definitely on an upward trajectory in 2020 after reaching the final of the Australian Open. Muguruza was one of the bookies favourites for this year’s French Open but fell in the third round.

Mertens is one of the most reliable and consistent players on the tour. Went under-the-radar for much of 2019 but I think she’ll be more prominent in 2020. No.11.

I think the description for Mertens was fair but the ranking prediction was a bit off as Mertens just sneaked into the world’s top 20. She was one of the most prominent players post-pandemic resumption, reaching two finals and racking up 23 victories.

Anisimova is a future world number one and Slam champ IMO. I think her big breakthrough will come in 2021. No.14.

Off with this one as Anisimova finished at number 30 in the world. I still stand by the statement but I think it may take longer than i’d originally thought. Anisimova has had some tough things to deal with off court that I can’t even begin to contemplate.

Slam Predictions (😬)

Australian Open: Osaka

French Open: Kenin

Wimbledon: Barty

US Open: S.Williams

I’ll take this! None correct but I had two of this year’s three Slam champs. I haven’t even considered next year’s predictions yet but i’ve got plenty of time over the next two weeks to start thinking… 🥴😂.

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5 thoughts on “2020 WTA Predictions: How did Moo’s Tennis Blog do?

  1. Imo 2020 ranking predictions comparison for this year is unnecessary.
    Andreescu wouldn’t even have a ranking if it wasn’t for this ranking rules due to Corona.
    Pliskova and Svitolina didn’t earn their Top 10 ranking for their 2020 results.
    Barry stayed at No.1 despite not playing after the crisis started in March.

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  2. Hi James,
    I think you did pretty well with your predictions overall.

    It’s hard to tell about individual players where slams are concerned. Simona looked like a “nearly girl” at one point too – it looked like she would get to the closing stages and then lose, and then in 2018 it all changed for her. Caroline Wozniacki also looked like she wouldn’t win a slam, after she lost to Serena at the US Open, but she eventually managed to do it (coincidentally in the same year).

    I don’t really know what the problem is with Karo Pliskova and slams. She seems to have all the necessary ingredients to win one but never seems able to bring it all together when it most matters, i.e. in the closing stages of a slam tournament.

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    • Thanks, Graham. It was an odd year for the predictions but I was pleased with my Kenin pick. It seems to have become a mental thing with Pliskova at the Slams. Interested to see if her new coach, Sascha Bajin, changes anything next year.

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