Finally some good news about WTA streaming – The release of WTA TV

Over the past seven months, I have moaned and moaned and moaned about how disillusioned I was at the lack of streaming for the WTA tour. The past two months haven’t been so bad with wall-to-wall coverage for the French Open and Wimbledon, and having discovered SportZone on Chrome (thanks to my readers!). Finally though the WTA has sorted the issue with the release of WTA TV.

I still feel that the last seven months and lack of communication by the WTA has been unacceptable, but I am encouraged with a first glance at the product, which you can check out for yourself HERE. The cost is £7.80 for a monthly pass and £58.60 for a yearly pass. The price is pretty fair in my opinion and I was expecting it to be much higher than that. For reference, it is cheaper than TennisTV (covering ATP only) at £74.99.

The feature I was most keen for was full match replays and i’m delighted that this is covered with the “On Demand” section with replays up for a week. This is invaluable for me with the nature of the tennis calendar and since a lot of tennis will take place when I am at work. The quality of streams is excellent (from watching a few points!) and the coverage of tournaments looks to be wide. The only tournament I couldn’t find was Linz, which is normally covered by Eurosport.

I can’t yet find an app for WTA TV although, unlike TennisTV when they still had WTA, the platform is working fine on browsers on smart devices and you can watch the full match replays. I’m hoping that apps will follow in time. I have purchased the yearly pass and am looking forward to finally being able to watch WTA tennis with no restrictions. If you’re still on the fence, i’ll keep you up-to-date with how I am getting on with the product over the next few weeks. Please note that I will be back to regular blogging at the weekend in preparation for the start of the US summer hard court season with Stanford and Washington next week! ☺️

14 thoughts on “Finally some good news about WTA streaming – The release of WTA TV

  1. I’ll wait for the multi-millionaire The Moo to signup and give a review. The price sounds reasonable, as I was expecting $99/y. They are probably giving a lower initial price and will raise the price next year.


    • Same, I expected the price to be higher and wondered if this was to reflect the shambles of the last seven months. The subscription is a full year so ends on the 28th of July for me.


      • Thanks for the info. In the US its $10/mo and $75/yr. I’ll wait for a few tournaments to see how The Moo likes the system.


    • There doesn’t appear to be a link on the WTA website but you can go straight to the site at The prices are as stated in this post and on the site when you subscribe. I have reported the prices in pounds (£).

      For ATP, I was trying to find the prices for TennisTV coverage and found it very difficult as you have to sign up/log in before finding out costs.


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  3. It doesn’t appear that the Grand Slams are included in the coverage. So one would still need use their under-the-table sources to watch the GSs.


    • WTA TV won’t do Slams, these are always separate. For me, Eurosport cover three of the Slams with multi-court coverage. I was able to get an annual pass for the Eurosport Player at the end of 2016 for about £20.


  4. Still there is no app to watch on smart tv or from mobile devices! I was trying to watch it through web browser on my LG tv and matches on demand are fine. But! Impossible for live matches!! lg doesn’t support adobe flash! Time to have an app WTA and be up-to-date!


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