US Open 2016, Day 3 Photos: Kerber, Keys, Bencic, Wozniacki, Konta, Bondarenko & more

That’s a wrap on my three days at the US Open… I keep using all these superlatives but it really has been a superb week in New York! I have so many memories and my final day was definitely my favourite. I’ll be flying back to the UK on Thursday evening (sob) so will be sending positive vibes for both Lucie and Timea who will play their second rounders. 

This is a final photo post with my favourite photos from Wednesday. I have so much more to share with you when I get back and will be posting lots about my trip including detailed recaps of Strycova-Niculescu and Zheng-Bondarenko, and a comprehensive guide to visiting the Open with (hopefully) useful tips – i’ll also be returning to normal blogging coverage with previews and reviews. Please just bear with me as I catch up on sleep 😉











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18 thoughts on “US Open 2016, Day 3 Photos: Kerber, Keys, Bencic, Wozniacki, Konta, Bondarenko & more

  1. Heartbroken for Kuznetsova, losing after having a point to go up 5-0. Wozniacki played as well as I’ve ever seen her play though. Her serve seemed faster, stronger. She was going down the line on the backhand AND the forehand. She was even mixing in slices, which I don’t really recall her doing in the past. She may be a dark horse contender.


    • Ahhh thought of you, Andrew 😦

      It was a high quality match, lots of super rallies. Kuznetsova started missing more in that second set but was so good early on. I agree, Woz going for it more than i’ve seen at any point this year and most things were landing in.

      Woz v Niculescu… looking forward to that one!


      • I wouldn’t mind but in the second game of the first set I was about to tweet something pro Kuze like “this is why she has two Slams” and thought things might turn so didn’t. I nearly did the same in Ivanovic’s car crash match the day before…


  2. Some great photos on here James. Perhaps I have missed something or I am getting confused but why are the two Dasha’s on opposite sides of the net ? Any plans to go to the Aussie Open in the next few years so you can complete the visits to all of the Grand Slams ?


    • Thanks, Peter!

      The two Dashas were practising together in this picture. They are so great, love their partnership 🙂

      Yes I want to do the Peeling Slam haha… Aus Open definitely in my plans but probably not for a few years.


      • Oh, I never realised that players hugged each other etc after practising ! Yes, I also like both of them a lot and hope they can progress and do well in the future. I guess that a proper holiday to Australia to include the AO will be best sometime in the future as it’s a long way to go just for a few days. I have heard that Melbourne is very nice but can get very hot. Glad you enjoyed your trip to NY.


      • Yeah I don’t think they normally do but the two Dashas did 😉

        Yep that’s the plan, I was loosely thinking 2018 or 2019. I’d love to go for the whole Aussie summer of tennis but might be a bit ambitious!


  3. Trying so hard not to get overexcited about Caroline Garcia. Two awesome wins for her, both a set down, won by making slight adjustments to her game when it wasn’t quite working. Shame she keeps landing in Aga’s draw…


      • Of course, although I’m really loving Siniakova lately, I think she has loads of potential. She really strikes the ball beautifully and moves so, so well. If she can just get a bit more pop onto her serve, she’d be winning titles.


      • Keys and Cibulkova both out!

        Really concerned for Djokovic and his lack of match play. I know everyone bangs on about him being injured but I feel like he needs to play himself into form for later rounds.


      • Keys nearly out, sorry, I started posting this when Osaka was serving for the match and forgot she’d lost it.


  4. Shame about Domi but I read somewhere that she’s got a hamstring injury. Great effort by Naomi Broady against Aga on Thursday; the first set of their match could have gone either way though Naomi faded a bit towards the end of the second.

    James, looks like you had a great time in NY.


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