Women’s Wimbledon 2016: The incredible rally in the S.Williams-McHale match

Yesterday I wanted to post a video of the incredible rally I mentioned in my Set Points article HERE that happened during the third set of the second round match between Serena Williams and Christina McHale. It happened with McHale serving at *4-4 *15-30 and was without doubt, one of the best rallies of the year. Finally, Wimbledon posted a replay of it on their Twitter account this morning. It’s worthy of just bringing up a separate post so that anyone who didn’t see it can see it!

It was a fantastic match and the highlights are well worth a watch too! Serena’s press conference after the match is also linked below. She explains that she gave her cracked racquet to a fan that has attended her matches before.

Serena Williams will play Annika Beck in the third round on Middle Sunday, 2nd up on Centre Court after 11.30am.

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10 thoughts on “Women’s Wimbledon 2016: The incredible rally in the S.Williams-McHale match

  1. The thing I don’t like about players like McHale is that they play lights out only for Serena. If the women on tour play like how they play Serena every match, it would be must see T.V. A player can ranked 1000 and they would summon all their will to beat Serena and never get out of the 1000s just bazar to me.


    • It’s the freedom of having nothing to lose. She plays Serena and she can hit free because her chances of winning are so low. But should she play someone ranked 20 then it’s on her racket.


      • Yeah that’s a good point. It’s a compliment to Serena too that she knows she has to play her best to stand a chance. You see it so often players elevating their level for the calibre of opponent but often can’t replicate it for lower ranked opposition.


      • Yeah and McHale has actually beaten some top ranked players and has a win over a world number 1 already.


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