Angelique Kerber, 2016 Australian Open Champion

I am going to keep this brief, for now at least, because I really am struggling to process what just happened.

Australian Open 2016 Final… Angelique Kerber d. Serena Williams, 6-4 3-6 6-4

Angelique Kerber is a Grand Slam champion… Has it sunk in for you yet?!

Angelique Kerber needed to play the match of her life to stand a chance… and she did.

Angelique Kerber won a higher percentage of points than Serena on her first AND second serve.

Serena Williams won just 15 out of 32 points at the net.

Angelique Kerber hit 12 winners and 3 unforced errors in the third set.

Serena Williams was so, SO classy in defeat.

Serena Williams had previously never lost a Grand Slam final in three sets.

Angelique Kerber is the new world number two… and I am thrilled for her and her awesome fans.

Angelique Kerber crying after she realised what she had achieved…I’n not ashamed to say I was in tears too.

I love tennis.

19 thoughts on “Angelique Kerber, 2016 Australian Open Champion

  1. Very happy for Kerber, but really really really want Radwanska to win a major, it will be most disheartening if she never wins a major! But yes, very happy for Kerber!


  2. Well I missed it…dam.
    So happy for Kerber. Wow was that true? Serena classy in defeat? she must genuinely respect Kerber…as a person and as a competitor. Maybe its those qualities as a competitor-the stuff that comes from deep inside that she can empathize with. But besides…how can you dislike this girl? one of the sweetest things on tour. It says a lot for Kerber for Serena to be so gracious and Serena finally just showed that as a true champion of champions she’s the complete package.


  3. What a match! Congratulations Kerber!
    So happy Kerber won. At least, this victory would probably send a message to some people who keep saying Women Tennis is weak just because Serena is dominating.

    Every player is playing at higher level and unbelievably. So much varieties of styles in women game from great attacking style to excellent defence, beautiful volley etc.

    I still don’t know what some people are expecting these hard working women to do by calling this era a ‘weak era’.

    I can tell you Djokovic vs Murray match won’t be more entertaining.
    Congratulations to Kerber! She truly deserves it.



  4. Having seen the match online now Im disappointed with how Serena played. Her serve just wasn’t firing and she wasnt doing anything with Kerbers horrid second serve.
    Im pleased for Angie though. She works so damm hard and deserves a big break. And I love she beat Aga and Simona to a slam haha!


    • Serena didn’t serve well today and was picked off so many times at the net. I’m chuffed for Angie, she really did deserve this and played so well considering it was her first final.


  5. James! I’m sooooo happy 🙂 🙂 I haven’t processed it yet. The only thing I know is that I’m so glad how well she’s played this fortnight when she was under pressure.


      • Ok – I think I’ve realised it. The german media is full of Angie 🙂 🙂 🙂 I just want her to take all the positive energy out of this win for everything that is yet to come. I don’t expect her to win everything now, I just hope she is able to cope with all the pressure that comes by winning a GS.


      • It will be interesting how she deals with it all as the most recent first time Slam winners haven’t fared that well. In terms of her ranking, I think some of the pressure has actually dissipated and she’s defending very few points up to April.


  6. You’re not the only one James, I’m struggling to take this in as well. Angie played the match of her life today and here she is as the new AO champion – I’m really happy for her.

    It’s also going to make Jo Konta feel better, to know she lost to the eventual champion.

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  7. Fantastic match yesterday. I really had a hard time getting up in the middle of the night but it was worth it. I must say though that I didn’t have the feeling that Kerber played the match of her life. Her first serve percentage rate is pretty bad (only 45% in the first set) and everyone (me included) thought that that was THE key stat. Kerber did incredibly well to mix offense and defense though (unlike in the previous matches where it was almost offense only against Azarenka and almost defense only against Konta).

    Also, I really felt like it worked in Kerber’s favor that she’s a leftie. Serena tried to adapt her serve which did not work out for her. It caused her 1st serve rate to drop drastically. Also, especially with Serena’s countless drive volleys she played directly onto Kerber’s forehand which managed to pull off one passing shot after the other.

    And finally, I feel like I have never seen such sportsmanship or at least not in a long long time. It was a fantastic contrast. Before the match point, Serena’s was full of emotions and anger and she was completely focused and as soon as the volley went long, a huge smile was on her face. She may have gotten more fans today than with most of her previous 21 Grand Slams. Possibly it was in part because it was Kerber on the other side (and not MS or VA) and as someone said Kerber is probably the most humble one among the top ten. But still, Serena is a true champion.


    • Yeah Serena’s reaction was lovely. She quite often is of late though. Unless she throws in a stinker she usually says the nicest things about her opponents. And even when she wins she’s happy to big them up.


    • Agree that Kerber being a leftie was a factor. While I agree it wasn’t necessary the best performance from Kerber, when you factor in the occasion, her first GS final, against the world number one then I think it was pretty darn good!


  8. Well done angie; i met her at the aegon classic last year but not she’s won a grand slam I don’t expect I will again! Probably the only one she’ll win, but very well done. 🙂


  9. I hope Angie manages to get some sleep at some point before she gets back to Germany. Their first grand slam winner this millennium – the crowds are going to go crazy for her back home. Domi said she had a struggle to deal with that even being a slam runner-up in 2014 – so many people in your home country wanting to interview you on TV and for magazines and so on.

    (Also, I know she likes fast cars – is she going to buy a new Porsche now, or will she even be loaned one to represent the company?).


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