The Krane Training Method™ – Get Lower Back Pain Relief Now!

Back Flexion - No Play

We are all guilty of sitting with poor posture whether it is at the computer, using the IPhone, or at the office. When we sit with poor posture our spines and lower backs take a beating. Our bodies are meant to move and that is why most people feel better moving rather than sitting….

Sitting for extended periods of time creates havoc in our bodies and is a big reason why so many people suffer from lower back pain. The million dollar question is how can we prevent it???

Anyone want to take a crack at it? 

The best way to prevent lower back pain is by properly performing both core strengthening exercises and back stretches. When the pelvis, core, and hip muscles are strong our bodies are feeling healthy! The exact opposite is true when exercise is neglected and this is a big reason why so many people complain of lower back pain. 

I want to give you an easy stretch that requires absolutely zero equipment. This stretch isolates the muscles and discs in the lower back and just works!!

All you need to perform this is a comfortable surface for your back… That could be your carpet or a yoga mat!

This exercise is simple and keeps my lower back happy and healthy!! Don’t leave this page without giving this stretch a try.

Have a great day!

You can find out more about the Krane Training Method™ and the services they offer HERE

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