The Krane Training Method™ – Mastering the Modern Forehand

The modern forehand is widely considered the most important shot in tennis. Whether you are a recreational or a professional player, the modern open and closed stance forehand is an incredibly important shot.

Nowadays many more players are hitting open stance forehands to keep up with how physical the game is and the limited amount of time they have in between shots. This makes the open stance an incredibly important shot and something that players of all levels rely on for power, spin, placement and most importantly to save time for a quicker recovery.

A common question that I get asked a lot is how I can apply this into my own game… This is a great question and in today’s training video I am going to share some important tips on how to generate more power on your open and closed stance forehands.

If you want to generate more power, spin, depth on your forehands then this video is a must watch.

For many recreational players they only use their arms to generate power on their forehands instead of using their entire bodies. These players are sabotaging power, spin and depth on their groundstrokes. Not to mention the overuse injuries that result from poor biomechanics and only using their arms to generate the power.

It’s your time to take your forehand to the next level and I am confident that these tips will help your game improve…

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You can find out more about the Krane Training Method™ and the services they offer HERE

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