Racket Rally standings for the Moo’s Tennis Blog league: Update 2nd of August, 2015

It’s been a while since a Racket Rally update so here we go… unfortunately they’ve been a bit slack with updating of late and a couple of WTA tournaments have been missed. Hopefully they will be back to normal for the US Open series but there have been less and less updates over the year. It’s understandable but I do hope they keep going with the game. I’m still enjoying it although i’m sure many have given up by now. The aim is to keep people interested with these updates! 

The overall standings have seen some changes… Woznowuss has risen up the rankings and is our current leader followed closely by bosiddon and Pykey21. My brother (ma01dp) has had a good couple of weeks and and had both WTA champions this week. Unsurprisingly, he was the top scorer this week by quite some margin. He was more interested in Baku and Florianopolis than I was! Still, he misses out on the elusive MVP which was the Baku runner-up, Patricia Maria Tig. RU90, tennizfan and Halepmania maintain their position in the top 10 as does mootennis! I got the MVP with Muguruza at Wimbledon but otherwise didn’t fare that well for the grass.. I’ve been making a lot of reactive choices over the past few weeks. I want some more ATP players as i’ve only got Tomic and Kokkinakis right now…



 To update your team or join in the fun, check out Racket Rally HERE.

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