Wimbledon Day 11, Semi-Final Preview: Roger Federer v Andy Murray

FedererWhile three of the men’s quarter-finals were disappointingly one-sided, the second of the semi-finals is the most exciting prospective match of the tournament featuring the top two seeds from the bottom half, Roger Federer and Andy Murray. Federer sailed past Gilles Simon in the quarter-finals, 6-3 7-5 6-2 in just one hour and 35 minutes. The world number two served exceptionally well, getting 73% of first serves in and dropping just 19 points on serve throughout the entire match. Federer was broken for the first time in the tournament, playing a dreadful game when serving for the second set. However, he broke straight back at 5-5 and after a brief rain delay, served it out convincingly.

Murray also won in three sets but faced a marginally trickier match against Vasek Pospisil. Pospisil played a good match and demonstrated why his game is so well suited to the grass. His big serve and eagerness to finish at the net helped him keep this reasonably close. Pospisil was unlucky in the second set when the umpire handed him a time violation just as he stepped up to serve at 5-5 *30-30. It was poor timing and clearly threw Pospisil off his rhythm as he played a passive point immediately after. The umpire decided to dish out another time violation, this time the loss of a first serve when Pospisil was serving at 4-4 *0-30. Even the Centre Court crowd were booing. Pospisil got into difficulty when the rallies lengthened with Murray winning the majority of them. The Brit eventually came through, 6-4 7-5 6-4.

Murray and Federer have both had very favourable runs through the draw; Murray’s dropped two sets, one against Andreas Seppi in the third round and one to Ivo Karlovic in the fourth round, while Federer’s only non-straight sets match was in the third round against Sam Groth. Federer leads the head-to-head with Murray, 12-11 and has won their last three matches including a 6-0 6-1 thrashing at the World Tour Finals. It is worth pointing out though that Murray’s level in 2015 has been far superior compared to 2014 where he was still coming back from the back surgery. Apart from a pair of poor performances in Rotterdam and Dubai, Murray’s only losses this year have come against Djokovic.

Federer and Murray’s last two matches on grass were in the summer of 2012. Federer defeated Murray for the 2012 Wimbledon Championships, the last Slam he won, but Murray well and truly turned the tables with one of his best performances, a 6-2 6-1 6-4 victory in the final of the Olympics. It will be interesting to hear the crowd as Federer is adored pretty much everywhere he goes. If he serves as well as he has done this fortnight, he might just have the edge. Federer has played the better tennis to get to this stage but with the calibre of their respective draws, I don’t think that counts for much. I find myself leaning more towards Murray…

Prediction: Murray d. Federer in 5 sets

28 thoughts on “Wimbledon Day 11, Semi-Final Preview: Roger Federer v Andy Murray

  1. Nooo james, I can’t agree with that lol.
    Roger is in great shape, I believe he will come through, I even think he has a shot at finally winning another grand slam, especially on grass!


  2. I can’t wait for this match up. .. The FedEx press to win another slam maybe. He has looked outstanding this tournament though. I do think he could beat Murray if he serves we and gets his forehand working as per usual.

    Having said that. I would fancy Murray if he wins the 1st set purely based on fitness over 5 set matches at this stage of their careers against the best oposition


  3. I think Murray will win, but he needs to serve better than he has all tournament to do it. I don’t think any player has tested Federer on his serve. Even Simon was pretty mediocre. Murray will get a lot more balls back in and force Fed to play.


  4. I really hope this match is an Epic one! Both have played well this fortnight… as a Brit i want Murray to win, but as a general tennis fan, i’d love Roger to have another stab at the Wimbledon title!


    • I’m conflicted as well, and I have to agree that I hope great tennis wins the day. But if I’m pushed to answer, I’d say should Murray win the first set then he is likely to win this (about 70% -90%) he will win it.
      I just want to enjoy the tennis( fingers crossed).


    • In terms of personal preference, I’m siding with Murray in the semis although in terms of match-ups, I’d rather see Djokovic-Federer over Djokovic-Murray in the final! I’d love to see Gasquet do something against Djokovic but I just can’t see it happening!


      • Well in fairness to Gasquet, he shouldn’t really have had much of a chance against Wawrinka either since Stan does most things better than Richard. And Gasquet and Djokovic have never met on grass, which may give him a little bit of a chance. Obviously I’m hoping it doesn’t. I’d like Djokovic to have a challenging but ultimately not exhausting match so that he can save his best for Roger or Andy.


  5. Federer really hasn’t been tested in this tournament,both have great bhand slices and both players use it to their advantage,Murray is one of the best returners in the game,he will have to be in this match up,also his first serve has to be ‘on’ as his 2nd serve is very attackable.Federer is a great volley player,Murray is also a very instinctive volley player.This match I feel will go down to the wire.

    Murray to win in 5 sets.


  6. I can’t see how Andy is the favorite as well. Rodger is playing so well now and Andy has a history of nerves in big moments and matches. Rodger should be plus160.


  7. I don’t see Murray beating Fed at all. Fed in 3 sets. Murray hasn’t been playing lights out tennis but Fed has. The only way Murray can win if the crowd turn on Fed and tried to disrupt his play .


  8. I think Fed’s confidence is contagious but Murray’s return is in another league from what Fed has faced until now. Murray wins in 4. Murrray just edges Djokovic in 5 in the final. (No MTO’s for Djokovic in Wimbledon)


  9. I want to see how the line judges play out in this match up. The public pressures can go against Murray as well otherwise he won’t keep telling the press he is much better and stronger. He is trying to convince himself before the match.

    To be honest, Murray has not been tested either (not in the Karlovic’s match). I see this match will settle in 4. If you see James predicted in 5 because psychologically he knew Fed would lead the match and Murray will play catch up to level up. If he is confident that Murray will win, the prediction should 3-1 not in 5 sets.


    • I agree with you and i can see lots and lots of pounds drained down today on all the ladders by Brits. Emotions and sentiments shouldn’t have any place where money is involved ,but then if its the case it would be a perfect world with ideal scenario.Roger in 4 sets.If it goes to 5 Murray advances.


  10. I agree with most of what’s been said; having said that its Roger for me… I think his serve slice out right leaves Murray unmistakeably running out of court. Unless Murray is able to get this back and with interest he’ll leave the court open time and time again. Roger will use this early in the match to exercise the upper hand. All opponents have bowed to this move. Only Novak deals with it. Murray also has this weapon to a certain degree, but feeble as it may sounds, Roger does in fact get there and with interest.

    Murray’s game is built of a good solid baseline slug out’s, he’s good like that, but so is Roger. Both players will no doubt be aware of the others extreme power returns and unforced error’s for me will determine the outcome of this match. We’ve seen it before. Look out for what like to call ‘The Gun Fight At The OK CORRAL’ meaning both players will be slugging out from the baseline with power returns. Both players will use the teasing slice shots from behind the baseline also in an attempt to cause the ball to spin, power forehands from both players use cross court tactics is what I love best. Roger does possess a solid and effective back-hand, Murray rarely uses this single back hand shot, but makes use of a good double hold back curve. But what does possess which is potent is a good solid cross court forehand, sending opponents out of court and then finishes with the preventable two hand back-hand cross court weapon.

    The only thing that concerns me is how fit is Roger Federer, can he get there and return back with interest? Can he out last the fitness of Murray? I’m not sure. Roger knows he will need to exercise some court running, his game isn’t built on chasing the ball which when you watch past matches can cause Roger to make unforced errors time and time again. His game is built on taking charge and causing his opponents to run. If Murray gets him running its over, as more mistakes will be made by Roger. You’ve got to get Roger running, but if you allow him to dictate you then your gonna. Murray needs to win the first set. If he loses the first set the pressures on and then Roger for me will take charge until the end. No escape for Murray from this.

    I’ve not seen many Murray games where he’s had to claw back against the best. Normally he’s defeated follow a first set down fall. Having said that he does start well, got to start well and cannot fall behind in the first set at all. Roger Federer will dance if this happens.



    • Like I said before, Murray has not been tested. The media gave him illusions that he thought he could beat Fed. He got beaten in three sets.


    • Nice analysis. I thought Murray had a better grasp of the tactics in the 3rd set. Think he needs to play more agressively in the 1st 3-4 shots of every point. Take as much control as possible alla Sampras/Federer. Shouldn’t be difficult for him to improve in this area because he’s not short of talent.
      He hasn’t been aware of the %’s in his game and how it measures up to the the very top players. There’s definitely room for improvement which is a good thing.
      Anyways bravo to Fed performing the way he does at his age. Amazing. Taking PED’s perhaps? maybe in the form of greatness!


  11. Sudut

    makes a perfect positive response to today’s outcome. If you re-read my original comment I state the fact that Murray needs to win the first set or at best level if losing it. He delivers his best blows this way. You rarely see him having to come from behind and win. When top players prevail it is the first set or at set all becomes Murray’s undoing.

    THE MEDIA – don’t believe the hype. Only Novack and Nadal historically has ever beaten Roger on a consistent basis. In regards to Murray don’t feed off wins against Ivo Karlovic and Vasek Pospisil, cos when you do you put pressure on an already over loaded set of shoulders in Murray. He’s been number 4 in the world for years and can’t quite seem to get the number 1 raking. Treat Murray as his raking depicts and stop hyping him up, at least this way he might just go into crucial games and win.


  12. It all happened in the second set, the tenth game, for a moment the world had gone mad again. Tennis was alive again! But goodness me, vintage Federer, this is why I love tennis. Thank you Wimbledon!


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