WTA Eastbourne Final Prediction: Agnieszka Radwanska v Belinda Bencic


As you will probably gather, i’m busy on the Wimbledon previews tonight so a very quick post for the Eastbourne final, which will be a first career match-up between Agnieszka Radwanska and Belinda Bencic. Radwanska defeated Sloane Stephens in three sets, 6-1 6-7(3) 6-2. Aga was unable to serve out the match at the end of the second set. Bencic benefitted from another withdrawal as Caroline Wozniacki withdrew with a back injury after just three games of their semi-final. Bencic is enjoying her best spell of the 2015 season after a slow start to the year… I never doubted BB! This should be a really close final. I’m leaning towards Aga in this final situation, but we have seen some breakthrough performances in Eastbourne finals before so I really won’t be surprised if Belinda prevails. I’m bit on the fence with this one but i’m hopeful of a very entertaining final.

Prediction: Radwanska d. Bencic in 3 sets

24 thoughts on “WTA Eastbourne Final Prediction: Agnieszka Radwanska v Belinda Bencic

  1. I voted Bencic but Radwanska could prove too solid. I just think Belinda has a little more attack in her game that could give her the edge if they’re both defending well.


  2. Radwanska’s play will decide how this goes given her depth of experience. I believe she can contain Bencic’s attacks but it’s her own head I think she should keep under wraps. If Belinda doesn’t get excited by the occasion of her first title with the big girls, she’ll be hanging around Aga’s shots and could make her a hard target to shake off. Radwanska has won this before, will be fair if Belinda gets this one.


  3. I have to give the nod to Aga in this final,I feel her overall experience should prevail,Bencic has been playing good solid grass court tennis and I would be delighted if she won.I hope this is a competitive final.


  4. It depends on if Bencic wants to win or not. I don’t think she will choke like Sloane. I hope she wins to send the fake grass courter to Wimby.


    • Bencic is not a choker, she is a future staple top 10, may be even staple top 5. I dont see her having any winning shots for a grand slam as of now but she has an all court game. She will win a slam once Serena, Maria, Petra are out.


  5. Better avoid trading this match until you get a clear entry point and just enjoy the sheer talent to young swiss Princess, will be interesting how Aga performs and does she has fully recoevered from the slump in her form.

    Nottimgham final—–Querry takes it in two


  6. I am telling Belinda will take this as I said before, Belinda is full of energy, while Radwanska is already tetchy after losing the first set, I am sticking with Belinda in two sets. While Radwanska has a more attacking game compared of the two but Belinda is all over the court and returns everything.


    • Also Radwanska keeps bringing Bencic to the net, huge mistake in my opinion. Also at 4-4 in first set, Radwanska had an easy put away at the net but tried to get too cute and paid the price.


  7. Belinda could have easily won in two, but I guess it was her first final so it went to three. Radwanska still lacks mentally, she has the game but lacks mentally. Also Radwanska is a sore loser, this was Belinda’s first title, she should have hugged her at the end of the match and congratulated her at the net itself. After her Wimbledon final against Serena, she didnt congratulate Serena even once when she was handed over the mike during trophy ceremony. These are basic sportsmanship manners which Radwanska lacks and I think her coach/team is to blame for that.


    • Nice call, Bryan. It was actually Belinda’s third final. While I thought Aga would win this final, I’ve always held Belinda in high regard and I’m chuffed she’s finally won her first title. I’m not sure I agree about Aga going in for a hug…


      • I agree, she doesnt have to hug if she doesnt want to, but at least give a good handshake and congratulate her on her first title.


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