Racket Rally Standings for the Moo’s Tennis Blog league: Update 19th April, 2015

Firstly, apologies for no Racket Rally update last week.  It should hopefully be easier to get an update out on the Sunday for the next few months with most tournaments in Europe.  Last week, I made a few radical changes as I bought in David Ferrer and Dominic Thiem, taking advantage of the extra court coins.  If you haven’t noticed, you’ve got three extra court coins to make changes going forward! Ferrer proved a respectable purchase as he reached the quarter-finals of Monte-Carlo but Thiem wasn’t so successful.  Both are in Barcelona next week, as is Nishikori so i’m hoping for a better week!

In the overall standings, we have a new leader in the league… step forward, Pykey21! It’s still close at the top with Woznowuss, ma01dp, RU90 (this week’s top scorer) and tenniz-fan rounding out the top five.  I’ve had a couple of poor weeks, but have clung on to a place into the top 10.  I’m quite hopeful for this week as most of my players are playing.  I’m hoping that one of Muguruza, Safarova or Garcia is going to make a deep run in Stuttgart.  I want to use my free change, but right now, i’m thinking i’ll probably stick with my current team as i’ll end up doing more harm than good…

Get those changes in!


 To update your team or join in the fun, check out Racket Rally HERE.

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