Calling all fans of Lucie Safarova…

After posting a couple of articles about Lucie Safarova last year, i’ve had the fortune of talking to quite a few Lucie fans both here on my blog and on social media.  I was recently chatting to one of the most dedicated Lucie fans out there, @Mc_Mooo on Twitter about an idea for a project she had.  I thought it would be nice to advertise it on the blog to try and get as many Lucie fans involved as possible! Over to you, Morgane…

SafarovaHi everybody, my name is Morgane (@Mc_Mooo on Twitter) and I’m a fan of Lucie Safarova. I got the chance to meet her in Antwerp a short while ago and I was really moved by her kindness towards her fans. She was so sweet and I really want to do something nice for her in return. I have given it some thought and I came up with the crazy idea of designing a fanbook for her: a book that would gather words from her fans, from all over the world… And I know that there are many fans out there!

My objective is to collect as many fans’ messages as possible.  If you want to be part of this fanbook, please fill in the template that you can find HERE. The idea is to present yourself shortly and to type your message to Lucie. You can add a picture if you wish but it’s not mandatory.

I haven’t made up my mind on the format of the fanbook just yet: this can be a “virtual” fanbook (that we can send it to her via the Internet) or a printed fanbook which I would deliver to her in person, hopefully at the French Open (it is probably much nicer but it is also more complicated as there will be additional costs and I have no guarantee that I can catch her at the French Open). This is why I have included a question on the format in the online form, in order to ask for your opinion on this specific point.

Many thanks in advance to those who want to participate, as I need you to make this project possible!

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