Lucie Safarova and Rob Steckley: Changeover chats in 2014

At Moo’s Tennis Blog, aka the Lucie Safarova appreciation society, we love anything to do with Lucie and her coach Rob Steckley.  You may remember I branched out from the daily previews and predictions to write this article about Lucie earlier this year (see HERE).  The pair have been training hard in Miami during this off-season ready for the 2015 tennis season.  Lucie recently posted a series of fun videos on her Facebook site.

Posted on Lucie Safarova’s Facebook Page

I’ve been rewatching some of Lucie’s matches on YouTube these past few days (SO READY FOR 2015).  I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I am fascinated by Lucie and Rob’s changeover chats.  I’ve posted the ones from Miami and Tokyo before, but there a few more gems that I think are well worth sharing…

1.  Bye bye old Lucie, hello new Lucie!

It was this changeover chat from Miami after Lucie won the second set against Maria Sharapova that made me a fan of Lucie and Rob.  Just brilliant…

Video by SportsMagicianJJ

2. Freeeee

A butterfly brightened up this changeover in Tokyo in Lucie’s second round match against Belinda Bencic.

Video by kimdv11

3. Mess around a little

Rob still managed to make Lucie laugh even after losing the opening set, 6-1 against Petra Kvitova in her first round match in Eastbourne.

Video by PetraKvitovaFansClub

4. How’s the sun, bothering you at all?

Rob comes onto the court after Lucie loses the first set, 6-2 against Simona Halep in her third round match at Indian Wells.

Video by romaniantennis

5. No freebies!

In the same match as the video above, Lucie wins the second set against Halep to force a decider.

Video by romaniantennis

6. Start taking some big cuts

Lucie goes from *4-0 to *4-3 in the first set of her match with Petra Kvitova in Madrid.

Video by PetraKvitovaFansClub

7. I’m tired!

Lucie’s on the comeback trail in Charleston.  After being a set and a break down to Sam Stosur, Lucie goes up 5-4* in the second set.

Video by SportBest

8. I know you can do this

In another match with Simona Halep, this time in Cincy, Lucie is down a break in the first set.

Video by Hot News 2014

If i’ve missed out any changeover chats that you can find online then please let me know so I can add to the list!  Lucie will open her 2015 campaign at the Hopman Cup with Adam Pavlasek.

Coming Soon: ATP Predictions for 2015

3 thoughts on “Lucie Safarova and Rob Steckley: Changeover chats in 2014

  1. God, that guy is such an amazing coach for Lucie. Just taking the pressure off, all the time, and I think that’s just what Lucie needs. She has buckled under pressure so often, and he does an awesome job by taking it away and always staying calm.


    • Agree with everything you have said, Inge. They have a great chemistry and you can see that she hangs off every word he says. I love that he can make her laugh and keep her calm and believing in herself, even when things aren’t going to plan on the court. I’m pleased to see they have stuck together and hope they have even more success in 2015 🙂


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