The latest Tennis Days Podcast featuring Moo!

A quick heads up to say that I featured on the most recent episode of the Tennis Days Podcast with Dave Gertler.  Dave and I talked about the World Tour Finals, Lucie Safarova and tennis on Twitter.  If you want to hear me have a go at pronouncing Lucie’s name then you should enjoy this! You can listen to the podcast HERE.  I would definitely recommend listening to the Tennis Days Podcast.  Dave and his regular guest, Matt Johnson do a great job at analysing all the goings on in tennis with a particular focus on tennis in Australia.

I hope you have enjoyed the first two parts of my favourite WTA matches in 2014.  I’ll be continuing the countdown after the conclusion of the Davis Cup final.  The third part featuring matches 10 to 6 will be posted on Monday, followed by the final part later next week.  I am excited about sharing my top ten matches with you all! If you’re enjoying the posts, I’d really appreciate a share on social media when I post the next two parts.  These are my favourite pieces of the whole year and it would be really cool if they could get a wider coverage 🙂

Tennis Days

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