WTA Singapore, that’s a wrap: Williams d. Halep, 6-3 6-0 in the final

Serena Williams

In the final match from Singapore, Serena Williams gained revenge for her loss to Simona Halep in the round robin stage with a thumping 6-3 6-0 victory.  I had high hopes for this final, but it was a disappointing match that failed to live up to the expectation.  It started with promise; Halep came out looking cool, calm and assured, and got the early break to lead *2-1.  Serena looked on edge from the start, but she slowly began to settle as Simona made more and more unforced errors.  Serena won the last eight games of the match to finish with stats of 26 winners to 25 unforced errors.  It was a poor performance from Halep, who didn’t hit a winner in the second set.  I’m not sure if it was the occasion that got to her or an in-form Serena, but she was unable to get close to the dazzling performance she produced in the semi-finals against Radwanska.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll, which set a new poll record on Moo’s Tennis Blog with over 450 votes.  I’m still stunned that so many people went for Simona, even after her win over Serena in the week…

There was much discussion on social media about Halep’s decision not to “tank” the match against Ana Ivanovic, which would have seen her knock Serena out of the tournament.  Personally, I think Halep made the professional choice and the RIGHT choice.  Firstly, Serena was very close to losing to Wozniacki in the semi-finals and secondly, there was no guarantee that Halep would have beaten a Wozniacki or an Ivanovic in the final.   I have gained so much respect for Simona this week and during the whole year.  She is such a good person and I love watching her when she’s in form.

Serena ends the year as world number one.  She has showed signs of vulnerability this year, but when she’s in the zone, she is the best player in the world. The inaugural WTA finals in Singapore has been a huge success.  The crowds, the tennis, the drama.  Overall, it’s been a fabulous year of tennis on the WTA tour and 2015 is going to be very exciting with so many relevant challengers at the top of the game.

This has been a really challenging week to keep the blog up-to-date.  Thank you so much for all the comments and votes in the polls.  I really appreciate all the support and was absolutely chuffed to break my record for daily hits on Friday in a non-Grand Slam week.  I won’t be blogging Sofia next week, but will be following Paris.  For me, Singapore feels like a natural conclusion to the WTA season.  I could get on board with Sofia if it was the week before Singapore, but it just feels like a weird anticlimactic event.

The WTA season may be pretty much over, but I have plenty planned for the off-season.  I’ll be kicking off with my WTA best matches of 2014 feature in the next week or two 🙂

17 thoughts on “WTA Singapore, that’s a wrap: Williams d. Halep, 6-3 6-0 in the final

  1. I think people give Halep a little too MUCH credit. She didn’t play great today because she was not allowed to- Serena was taking on the ball SO early and coming into the net on most points, which is not something she’s known to do! The only thing in Simona’s power that let her down was her serving.
    I also happen to think that had Ivanovic gotten through then it would’ve been her or Wozniacki lifting the trophy today. Halep would never have thrown the match though because she’s an outstanding sports person.


    • True, a lot of the time people lament a player for being poor (I do this as well!!!!) when actually, a large reason to why they are playing poor is because of the way their opponent is playing. The final two sentences of your comment, Andrew… couldn’t have put it better myself.


      • My comment sounds really negative towards Halep when actually I have been REALLY impressed with her this week. But at the end of the day this is Serena Williams she was playing. I don’t even think it was Serena at her best based on the double faults to aces ratio.


  2. Someday we just might find out what ped Serena (and her sister)has used all these years. I know the WTA will never tell us. I’m sure her drug test goes right in the trash can. No way will they ever allow their American idol to be blemished. My heart goes out to all the other ladies who play clean each and every day and have to endure this charade for the good of the game.


    • I’m pretty sure that sixteen years of steroids/performance enhancing drugs would have given Serena a heart attack by now… and besides, PEDs can’t make you a great serve. Nor can they give you great timing or great technique.


    • Bad comment so far. Please learn to appreciate people’s success. Life is too short to live your life in hatred. If you were sure of Serena using drug, how sure are you other women don’t use?. Serena is the best in the world. Please take it otherwise stop watching the sport.


  3. Simona is still young and obviously less experienced than Serena. For her this final came with big pressure, first because everyone had big expectations from her ( and I am refering to those back home in Romania) and second, because Serena wanted revenge. Anyhow, Simona performed great and I think she represents future in this sport.


    • I’m not sure how big a future Simona Halep has, since she’s already 23 and the style of game that she plays is VERY physically and mentally demanding. She’s already had a string of injuries this year and I honestly think she’ll get another 2/3 years at this level max before something wears her down.


      • I’m sorry, but this is a ridiculous comment. No one knows what the future has in store, and to predict that a young athlete will soon suffer a career-ending injury is just gratuitous and petty. I’ve now read your recent comments, and you appear to begrudge Halep’s success. Do you feel she is overshadowing one of your favorites? That’s just so tasteless from you…


  4. Serena played well. Simona didn’t and just looked flat. I wish she could have made it more competitive today but it wasn’t to be. Congrats to Serena!

    Still very proud of Simona though. The final on her debut in the WTA Finals is a great achievement, so well done Simona! She has had the recent better in her matches with the rest of the Top 10 (except Sharapova; though she’s close to beating her I believe) and she showed enough great tennis this week to give me renewed hope for a big 2015 from her.


  5. Couldn’t watch the final. If anyone can find a video, any link youtub, dailym etc… are welcome. I suppose Serena did good and she left Simona no room to play… This is what happen when it’s Serena, she can stun you so much that the game is already over while you fee like you did not even play.

    Thank Moo for covering so well tennis tournaments, masters… with good analysis, your predictions also are great, u got a good rate of succesful predictions.
    I keep your site in my bookmarks for next season. 🙂


  6. The.blog writer should not have been stunned that most people went for Simona Halep winning because the knowledge of most people not following the game closely is rather superficial. Most people tend to take.an emotional stand on things.Anyone with an objective analysis of then game should have realised that when the real Serena shows up in the words of one of her competitors: Pethovic :”we are all basically screwed”. There are one or two colossal idiots who bring up their obvious racist perspective is associating the Williams sisters with P.E.D’s. I’ll tell the low down characters thinking this.that given the.harrowing stuff the Williams sisters have.had to put up with, all the blatant bad calls – Hawkeye was principally brought in because of the disgraceful performance by the various umpiring officials in bad calls against Serena Williams playing Jennifer Capriati right.at the U.S. Open- then there was the Justin Henin Hardene blatant hand raised stop play denial incident at the French Open , both of which events.threw Serena.and.and she went on to lose those matches.Then there was that racially inflamed incident in California where the Sisters were harrowed by elements of the crowd because one pulled out of a final match performance;and in the face of all this animosity you still have those blind bigoted racists dare suggest that two of the world’s most honestly spoken sports women :Serena and Venus Williams would ever even consider P.E.D’s. Those making those inferences must be among the sorest loser haters the world has seen.


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