Match Recap, US Open R4: Wozniacki d. Sharapova, 6-4 2-6 6-2


The second match on Arthur Ashe Stadium between Caroline Wozniacki and Maria Sharapova was the most anticipated match of the women’s tournament so far.  And IT DIDN’T DISAPPOINT.  Wozniacki produced one of the best wins of her career to defeat the number five seed, Maria Sharapova, 6-4 2-6 6-2 in two hours and 37 minutes.  It was a really fantastic contest and the best match of the tournament so far.

Wozniacki won the first set, 6-4, taking advantage of a slack game from Sharapova serving with scoreboard pressure at *4-5.  It was a confident start from Wozniacki, who did a good job early on of getting Maria on the move.  Sharapova found her groove midway through the set, but it was Wozniacki who was the more impressive player, hitting two stunning volleys at *3-1 in a game she would go onto lose.  Sharapova recovered from *0-40 down on her serve to hold to 3-3.  It was two solid service games from Caroline, the first which she saved from *0-30 down, that ultimately earnt her the first set.

Sharapova turned it all around in the second set as she completely dominating proceedings.  Sharapova was absolutely crushing the ball and most of the time, finding the corners. Wozniacki became a little too defensive and was permanently positioned behind the baseline…. this was a result though of the sheer force of Sharapova’s hitting.  Wozniacki started to come back into it at the end of the set.

The third set was brilliant.  The point that saw Caroline get the early break was absolutely awesome as she chased down balls that it just didn’t seem possible that she would be able to retrieve.  It got a deserved standing ovation from the crowd and Caroline’s reaction was EVERYTHING.  I’m still trying to process how great a performance this was from Wozniacki.  Sharapova was in her groove, but Wozniacki somehow found a way to come back into it.  In the third set, Caro had a real edge and intensity about her game, which I don’t think i’ve ever seen from her before.  She seemed pissed about the length of time that Sharapova was taking in between points.  Caroline complained to the umpire, Marija Cicak, which really seemed to fire her up.  The “kaman” was in full force and Woz was also grunting.  I don’t want to be one of those annoying of people to mention grunting, but Sharapova’s grunt…

I was waiting for the Sharapova comeback, but it never came as Wozniacki sauntered through her service games in the decider.  She didn’t even face a break point.  Her defence was superb as ever, but she did a great job of mixing up her shots and being positive and aggressive.  I’ve been so impressed with Wozniacki this summer as you can probably tell from some of my posts!  This performance just blew me away and also, blew open the bottom half of the women’s draw.  The first confirmed quarter will feature Wozniacki and Sara Errani, who defeated Mirjana Lucic-Baroni in the first match on Ashe.  THINGS.  JUST.  GOT.  INTERESTING.

The poll was insanely close, but it just tipped in the favour of Sharapova at the very last minute.

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