Tennis Fantasy Games for Wimbledon

I enjoy doing fantasy tennis games for the Slams.  For the Australian Open and the French Open, I have a run a league for the TFF Dream Team Fantasy Game and am doing one again for Wimbledon. The details to join the league are below along with the details for another interesting new game run by the Wimbledon official website.  I hope you’ll want to join both games 🙂

Tennis For Free

TFF Dream Team – How do you join?

1) Firstly head over to the TFF Dream Team site HERE

2) Click on “Register” at the top of the page.  You will need to enter a username and password and will then be asked whether you want to donate money to their charity.  It’s not compulsory and you can play for free; however donations will make you eligible to win prizes. If you donate £3, you get entered into their prize draw for Wimbledon to win a tennis racquet.

3) You have to pick ten ATP players and ten WTA players, keeping to a budget.  You can keep changing your team up till the deadline on Monday morning.  Full rules are given HERE.

4) I have set up a personal league entitled, “Moo’s Tennis Blog” for people to enter.  To join the Moo’s Tennis Blog league, go to your homepage and click on the “My Group” label.  You will then need to enter a password to join an existing league which is the following: e4f6137e29cf984fc152bf3419e5050f.  And then you’re in!

5) You have until 11.30am on Monday to pick a team and join the Moo’s Tennis Blog league!

Wimbledon Official Game – How do you join?

1) Head over to the Wimbledon game HERE.

2) This is an interesting new game that takes a completely different spin on fantasy tennis looking closely at the stats.  To find out how the game works then have a quick read of the rules HERE.  When you sign up on the front page, you’ll then have to pick players based on different attributes.

3) I have set up a league named “Moo’s Tennis Blog”.  To join, you need to use the following credentials:

> League name : Moo’s Tennis Blog
> Group password : moo

And you’re in!

I hope I have intrigued at least a few of you to join in the fun for Wimbledon.  If you have any questions, please feel free to post in the comments section on give me a bell on Twitter.

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