A few thoughts about the Sharapova v Halep RG final…


I wasn’t able to watch yesterday’s Roland Garros final between Maria Sharapova and Simona Halep  live.  I saw the highlights of the third set last night and just had to say a few words.  Wow.  What a match and what a fight from both players.  I was gutted for Simona, who I was rooting for to win this match.  As much as Maria narks me sometimes, she is a such a tremendous competitor and I thought her celebrations were pretty cute (i’m not sure you could ever use the words Sharapova and cute in the same sentence, but heyyy I just did).

Simona has had such an incredible year and there were some doubts after her terrific 2013 season whether she could transfer that form to the big stage.  We all know the answer to that question.  Roland Garros has been famed for some pretty shocking womens finals over the last year and it was fantastic to see such a competitive and well fought final.  All in all, this has been a brilliant Grand Slam for the women.  There have been so many good matches, plenty of upsets to keep things interesting, but a final that no-one would have been shocked to see and almost everyone was looking forward too (and which 100% delivered).  Furthermore, this tournament saw some of the next generation of WTA stars have breakout tournaments.  This is the healthiest that the WTA has been in years and I AM SO EXCITED.  I cannot wait for Wimbledon…

There were some great articles on the final, but the best one I came across was on a new blog called #backhandcompliments by David Kane (@ovafanboy on Twitter)… beautifully written and well worth a read HERE.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the pre-match poll, which was the most popular on Moo’s Tennis Blog ever with over 230 votes! It was also one of the closest ever with Sharapova edging it one more vote than Halep.  I’ll be watching today’s mens final so hoping for another classic!

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