Welcome to a brand spanking new, Moo’s Tennis Blog!


I have been blogging for over 3 years now at my old site, http://www.moo21tennis.blogspot.co.uk and I felt like it was time for a change.  E-Blogger has been great for me to get my site up and running but over time, I have become frustrated with some of the features and found many pitfalls in trying to upload my content.  Therefore I felt it was time to jump ship and to not only make it easier for me to post, but hopefully make it more accessible and better for you, the reader! I know that change can sometimes be unsettling but the contents of Moo’s Tennis Blog WILL NOT change and I aim to continue my regular posting with tournament previews, daily predictions and reviews of both WTA / ATP tournaments.  With my new domain name, http://www.mootennis.com, following Moo’s Tennis Blog should be easier than ever.

I hope for my regular viewers that Moo’s Tennis Blog will remain your reliable staple for following the tennis season, but hopefully I can attract some new readers too.  I am really keen in gaining more exposure for Moo’s Tennis Blog so if you do enjoy my tennis blog then I would really appreciate you sharing my posts.  I am fully linked up to my Twitter handle (@MooTennisBlog), where you can tweet me and share too.  If you have been following my blog over at my old site, many thanks for your attention and I hope you enjoy the new improved, Moo’s Tennis Blog.  If you have any questions or would like to contact me personally you can now do so using the contact form on the “About” page.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to a brand spanking new, Moo’s Tennis Blog!

  1. I really like this new look, it’s better than the old. I’m already eagerly waiting your year-end reviews. They’re always very nice when there’s no live tennis to watch.


  2. Good job Moo!
    I have been enjoying your blog for a year now and it’s always a good part of the day to search ‘moos tennis blog’ (which was searched so much it became my top result when i typed moo:) ) and read your posts which you delivered consistently every day.
    Good luck for the future and hopefully this will inspire me to start blogging again


  3. Pretty neat look. Plus an easy to remember URL. Nicely done Moo. All that remains now if for you to be a bit less bias in your analysis 🙂 I know you like upsets as much as the next guy – I do too, they make the sport interesting – but you gotta just admit some players are never going to fulfill all that potential the pundits believed they possess – Ernest Gulbis. Looking forward to next year 🙂 Cheers guys.


    • One more thing Moo…

      I was a little surprised when you didn’t do a preview for the Robson Erakovic match at Wimbeldon. It was such a great(but disappointing for me) match. Besides Laura is one of your favourites right? I mean I thought you would have had that one on your radar.


      • Wow you have a good memory, Morgan. There were so many great match-ups on that day and although it was a big match in the UK, I thought that on paper, it wasn’t one of the best match-ups in respect to readers from all around the world so I decided against writing a full preview. If I had more time I would have done so. Thanks for your comments!


    • A bit less bias haha! I admit at the end of this season, I started to go for more upsets and I will probably start 2014 more conservatively in my predictions. I did and still do to some degree, believe the hype around Gulbis, but I accept he’s never going to fulfill his full potential. Thanks for reading.


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