Moo’s plans for the 2013 grass court season

This year I will be attending the WTA event in Birmingham and the WTA/ATP joint event in  Eastbourne.  For Birmingham, I have tickets for the Friday, which is quarter-finals day.   I went for the first time last year and got pretty much rained off so I am hoping for more luck this year! The line-up is also exciting as although there aren’t a lot of big names confirmed, many of the up-and-comers, who I have never seen before, will be competing. I also have tickets for Eastbourne and will be going on Monday and Tuesday this year.  Not much beats Wimbledon, but I have a real soft spot for Eastbourne and this will be my fourth year.   

At this moment of time I have been unlucky in purchasing Wimbledon tickets.  I was pretty fortunate last year to go four times as I went a bit crazy with buying Olympics tickets so it kind of makes sense that I haven’t got any this year!  I am an LTA member, which gets a direct entry into their ballot; however I have had no joy so far.  All my family have also been unsuccessful in the public Wimbledon ballot, which is a first.  Normally, at least one of us gets tickets, but I am guessing that following an Olympics year and Andy Murray’s successes in 2012, the ballot has become even more oversubscribed than usual this year.

My final attempt for tickets will be to try and get tickets on Ticketmaster for Wimbledon Court No.3, the day before play.  I know it is going to very difficult, but I will at least give it a go.  The whole second week of Wimbledon is booked off work so even if I have to park myself by the TV to watch it, I’ll be very happy!  

Anyway I hope to do some live tweeting (not excessive as I do plan to watch some tennis!) from both Birmingham and Eastbourne, which you will be able to view via my blog or you can give me a follow on Twitter (@MooTennisBlog).  I will also being doing some blog reports, which I have done for the past two years with my experiences and all my best photos. Here is an example of my posts from 2012…

Eastbourne: Action from Tuesday’s first round matches, Part 1 and Part 2
Wimbledon: Magic Monday action from No.1 court including Sabine Lisicki’s upset win over Sharapova
Olympics at WimbledonSunday from No.1 Court, Monday from Centre Court and Wednesday from Centre Court

A sunny day in Eastbourne

6 thoughts on “Moo’s plans for the 2013 grass court season

  1. I sincerely enjoy your blog. I believe that you have a good grasp of tennis and tennis handicapping. I just wanted to share something with you that I have noticed in the past few years. I have witnessed in smaller events preceding larger tournaments (such as Strasbourg preceding the French )heavily seeded players lose in the early rounds where they were heavily favored by the bookies to win, as they should be all things being equal….but watch players like Djocovitch, Murray, Bartoli and others lose rather handily to much lesser players…I can only speculate as to the reasons…perhaps they were using these events as tune ups, practice or just weren't taking them seriously enough (or other more nefarious reasons)…but I have seen this occur time and time again…please watch this for yourself and let me know through your blog what you might be seeing as well…it might take you a few seasons to see the trends..but they ARE there….


  2. Thanks everyone!Are you referring to the FITD on the women's tennis forums, mgray1966? I have been playing that game for over 2 years but can never seem to win! I've done well again for Brussels but there is always someone better 😉


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