Wimbledon 2015, Day 1: Photos from court 3 matches

A small handful of Wimbledon tickets are realised at 9am before each day on Ticketmaster and I got really lucky and managed to get a court 3 ticket for Monday. Here are my photos and recaps from the matches I watched on court 3 on day 1 of the 2015 Wimbledon Championships.

Marin Cilic d. Hiroko Moriya, 6-3 6-2 7-6(4)

I watched the last set and a half of the Cilic-Moriya match. It was a little on the dull side and didn’t really capture the crowd’s attention. Cilic was clearly the better player although credit to Moriya who kept fighting. The loudest cheer of the match was when Moriya broke Cilic back in the third set. It was a great game from the Japanese player although he had played a rough game to get broken in the first place, sending errors long at the start of the set.

DSC_8097 DSC_8101 DSC_8107DSC_8120

Cilic served very well throughout the match but he kept going long with his groundstrokes and never looked secure. At *4-5 *0-30 with Moriya just two points away from the set, Cilic flipped a switch with some huge serving to get out of danger. He raised his game in the tiebreak and despite a brief resurgence from Moriya, won in straights. I fancied Marin to make the quarters in my original predictions. While I wasn’t that impressed with his performance in this match, he’s in a nice section of the draw with Kei who was not convincing (healthwise) on Monday.

DSC_8129 DSC_8130

Ana Ivanovic d. Yi-Fan Xu, 6-1 6-1

I stuck around to watch Ana Ivanovic‘s first round match, which was fun despite the one-sided scoreline and featured some entertaining points. It was the first time I had seen Ivanovic live for quite a few years. It was really warm on court 3 with barely any wind and I ws melting. I can’t deal with any heat and to be honest, i’m glad I am not going in the next three days where the weather looks HOT! Ivanovic’s wonky ball toss is even more noticeable in person and I laughed at the first one. However, it doesn’t seem to phase her anymore and she just gets on with it.

DSC_8135 DSC_8155DSC_8146 DSC_8173

Xu, playing her first main draw Grand Slam match, looked nervous from the outset and was very tenative. Ivanovic took advantage of this and was dominating with her forehand, hitting plenty of winners and maintaining her aggressive stance. Ivanovic had a point for the bagel but Xu held on for her first game of the match and with a little smile.


Up a set and a break, Ivanovic lost her cool with the umpire on a point that was replayed, but she felt was hers. She was really going at it. The crowd was starting to get fed up with the general consensus that she should deal with it and get on with the match. Ivanovic also had one of the worst challenges i’ve ever seen! She challenged a serve that was WAY out. The crowd was baffled even before the Hawkeye was initiated. A few points later, Ivanovic did another challenge and she was laughing with her team.

DSC_8181 DSC_8185 DSC_8190 Ivanovic

Ivanovic lost her double break lead, but quickly rebroke and powered home to a very convincing win. There was a nice handshake and Ana was all smiles at the end. She did hold onto the umpire’s hand for ages as they were obviously discussing the point earlier where Ana was mad. There was plenty of ajdes, idemos and hardcore fistpumps. I do the twirling fistpump in the spirit of Ana when i’m happy. Ana is fun to photograph. The Serb plays Bethanie Mattek-Sands in the second round which should be a great match.

DSC_8198 DSC_8200 DSC_8203 DSC_8204

Β Venus Williams d. Madison Brengle, 6-0 6-0

Ohhhhhhhh Madison! At the end of the first set, she was kind of smiling, but that soon faded in the second set. She looked sad and close to tears as she walked off. The crowd really tried to get behind Madison with one woman in particular giving her plenty of support. However, it never happened for her. Venus played an impeccable match, serving bullets and approaching the net at any given opportunitiy. She was aggressive and consistent, and Brengle never stood a chance. Madison was passive and looked lost out there, serving a number of double faults at key moments. It all went pear shaped after a really lengthy seven deuce game at the start where Brengle saved multiple break points.

DSC_8337 DSC_8343

Venus got a really big applause at the end and the crowd, though disappointed that the match was not competitive, respected that they had seen a grass court masterclass. The American player gave a wonderful twirl and looked understandably happpy. Venus plays Yulia Putintseva in the second round… *already getting stream ready for THAT match!*

DSC_8339 DSC_8346 DSC_8348 DSC_8352Coming later this morning: Photos from Monday on the outside courts

12 thoughts on “Wimbledon 2015, Day 1: Photos from court 3 matches

  1. James thanks,I strongly suggest if you ever come to Australia you need to get used to the heat:)
    Loved Venus match,she has joined Steffi with the 3rd most wins at Wimbledon,after her first rd match.Well done Venus,one of my all time favorite players.


      • I can sympathise. Lord knows how the pro players do it to be honest. I get so impatient and short tempered playing when it’s really hot & sunny!


    • Or a hot, sticky flushing meadows, with the wafting smell of hotdogs and myriads of barbecues hanging in the air. It feels like you are in amongst the roast in an oven, percolating quietly away!


  2. I watched the Venus v Brengle match and don’t think there was much else Madison could have done in that first set. She could have been a little more positive going through the second but you can understand why she was frustrated and Venus’ level just didn’t drop.

    Serena’s win was exhausting – it’s going to be a long two weeks if every match is like that. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her quite so nervous! We see a lot of slow starts from her buy usually it’s a lack of intensity and focus that is the cause. Here she came out amped up but tried too hard to make things happen. I’m sure she’ll settle over this week, but there’s a reap opportunity for her next couple of opponents to take advantage of her fragile state of mind right now.


    • I’m glad she does realise it herself. It is half the correction. Her post match interview was revealing. She did mention it and the fact that she doesn’t want to be do those 3 setters again. It is her body I think, you can go mind over matter for so long, after a while your mind may be willing but getting your body in tune takes a bit of work. And her challengers always come in at their best, nothing else will do.


      • Yeah, unfortunately that comes with being #1 and favourite in every tournament. It’s the same for Djokovic. Every match he meets somebody inspired and with nothing to lose.


  3. I really enjoyed reading this overview, James! Your photos are really excellent, it’s so good to see talented sportwomen playing at the highest level. It’s inspired me to try out tennis again myself (haven’t played since I was little) and my friend booked us a court in London through http://www.mylocalpitch.com/london/tennis – if anyone else is interested in some time on the court themselves I’d really recommend it!
    Hope you enjoyed your day, it looked fantastic!


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