Tennis Fantasy Games for the Australian Open 2015

Once again, I’ll be setting up a league for the TFF DreamTeam game for the Australian Open.  You can join the league by registering HERE.  All you have to do is pick 10 WTA and 10 ATP players within the price limit.  I have set up a league for Moo’s Tennis Blog.  To join the league, you need to click on “My Group” and enter the very long password which is…


And then you’re in! If you intend to play all four TFF DreamTeam games for the Slams, you can win some good prizes by donating a couple of quid to their charity.  A couple of years back, I won an Andy Murray signed tennis racquet.  Anyway, it’s a bit of fun and I hope you’ll join me for some friendly competition.  Any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with me!

Tennis Journalist, Ben Rothenberg tweeted today about a new tennis fantasy game, which will cover the whole tennis season beginning at the Australian Open.  It’s called Racquet Rally, which can be found HERE.  I’m still trying to understand how it works, but it looks good! I’ve set up a league called “Moo’s Tennis Blog”.  You can find the league by clicking on the dropdown of leagues and choosing Moo’s Tennis Blog.  Personally, i’m a fan of fantasy tennis games and it makes things a bit more interesting.  It will be good to have one for the whole season as opposed for just the Slams.

4 thoughts on “Tennis Fantasy Games for the Australian Open 2015

  1. I joined the racket rally league, it looks like a lot of fun although I”ll probably end up in last as I didn’t buy strategically at all, I just bought every player I like, basically, which is all the Czechs and a few others, haha (:


    • Did you choose Pliskova? 😛
      Though actually she has a pretty easy draw until Ivanovic in the fourth round, and I’d favour her chances there to be honest.


      • I’ve got every Czech in the top 100 except for Koukie and Cetkovska, haha. So yes I do also have Pliskova, although I didn’t look at her draw in the slightest. I wanted her so I got her ^^


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